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Live From New York, It’s Wizard World 2013!


We had the pleasure of attending The Wizard World Comic Con Experience here in NYC this year and it was a lot of fun. It’s more of a classic Comic Con experience then say the something more media infused such as NYCC or San Diego, but it’s still a con none the less. Lots of cos play and celebrities, I can say I had a good time. I only had the pleasure of attending one day due to the fact that I am poor because of SDCC and the fact I spent a ton of money on an actual camera, but I digress. 

There were quite a few celebrities to take photo-ops with and my friend Clara who is a big Photo-Op fan girl too quite a few, but this wasn’t her first time at the rodeo, she’s been to other Wizard World events and even shared her experience with us last year

This time around I chose to rome around aimlessly and just go with the flow. Although I don’t have Cos Play pictures I thought I would share some  from the awesome panels I went to with Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus and the ever amazing Wil Wheton. Honestly, Wil was one of the best, he’s one of us and he just get’s it. Everything that came out of his mouth during the panel about geek/nerd culture was on the money. I’m going to stop yapping now and share some pictures with you folks, because that’s what matters anyway. 


KHALEESI GONNA CATCH THEM ALL, YO! (This was a print we got from the lovely folks at TeeTurtle, who were super awesome and their designs are sweeeeettt. ) 



I have tunnel vision when it comes to Dana Scully. 


Mmmmm. Star Trek imageMichael Rooker was super awesome. 


Norman Reedus! ::fans self:: 



Happy Wil Wheton. 

imageShades of Evil Wil Wheton. 

That’s all I could post here with out TUMBLR having a fit, but for more pictures from the event check out our facebook album here!  and make sure to like our page too. If we hit 100 likes by the end of this there just might be a nice little present for our 100th liker which I hope might be incentive enough. Oh-hoho! 

Dream Emmy Noms: “Too Bad, Diane! Your dream nominees never win!” Dram-Uh Edition

Here’s the thing, I hate award shows. I wrote a whole rant about it here so I wont go into further detail on the topic. Although when we decided to do this dream emmy thing I did get a bit excited, mostly because the people I feel should be nominated are always over looked, and the ones that are nominated never win because someone whose won 10 times has to win once more. Imagine my let down when a series with one good episode who has won best drama series multiple times took the Emmy when a series that was phenomenal all season never even had a chance. Before I start ranting (and quietly weeping) here is my ultra non realistic/never going to happen Dream Emmy Nominations. (The real ones, which I unfortunately have no part of will be announced Thursday and I can guarantee it will looking nothing like mine.) Also, some of the shows I picked I’m not even sure qualify for this years consideration, they do call it a dream ballot for a reason right?  Plus I like under dogs (though some of them are definitely not underdogs.) So here it goes, my dream drama nominees! 

Lead Actress In A Drama Series: 

Jessica Lange - American Horror Story 

Anna Paquin- True Blood 

Emilia Clarke- Game of Thrones 

Jennifer Morrison- Once Upon A Time 

Rachel Bilson- Hart of Dixie 

Firstly, last season of True Blood was such a disappointment for me and if I wasn’t reviewing it for another blog I write for I probably wouldn’t be watching it. What does stand out from season to season is Anna Paquin’s performance. She brings it every year, and it’s sad to see her barely ever get nominated because unfortunately True Blood is something that the Emmy voters are afraid of… Genre Television. Sadly for them, most of the newest, most critically favored shows are now in the science fiction/fantasy category and they might just have to suck it up already and started handing out those shiny statues to the actress’s and actors who give it their all fighting off vampires and hanging out with werewolves. Although I pray that Paquin is nominated I am doubtful. When it came to Clarke I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick her into the supporting category or not, but I really do feel she is the main female on Game of Thrones. Dany is a fan favorite, and force to be reckoned with. It astonishes me to know that Emilia wasn’t originally supposed to play her because I can’t see anyone bringing this woman to life quite the way she does. I put Bilson on here because A) there is no shot that HoD would ever get nominated for one of these things, and I think that she does such a stellar job as Zoe Hart. She’s funny, cute, and smart as Zoe and while she isn’t fighting off all the men in her life, Bilson’s portrayal of the flighty, young doctor is always top notch.  Morrison is someone I can see actually getting the nod, she works hard bringing Emma to life even though you wanna smack her sometimes. I’m not sure that Once is an all time favorite series of mine, but I do enjoy Morrison’s performance and have been a fan of hers since HOUSE. Lange is the easy option for me, she brought nothing but fear to the viewers eye as scary neighbor Constance on American Horror Story, and much like everything else Lange does her performance was top notch, and although sometimes AMHS got a little wackadoo (I call it the curse of Ryan Murphy) she still managed to be on her A- Game and as beautiful and professional as ever. 

My Winner: Jessica Lange. 

Lead Actor in A Drama Series: 

Josh Charles- The Good Wife

Timothy Olyphant- Justified 

Alexander Skarsgard- True Blood 

Andrew Lincoln- The Walking Dead 

Benedict Cumberbatch- Sherlock 

You know who doesn’t get enough love? Josh Charles for his awesome portrayal as sometimes love interest, sometimes boss, always awesome Will Gardner on The Good Wife. It’s easy for me to have nominated Julianna for my leading but I like the under dog (give or take a few) and Josh is always consistant in his performance, I’d like to see him take it one year. I don’t think I have to say why I would have nominated Timothy Olyphant, Raylan is easily my favorite male character on TV and if it weren’t for his sharp portrayal, I doubt that would happen. With Alexander I am pretty sure people just need to remove what I said about Anna and just write substitute Alex. No matter what True Blood is going through, he knows how to make it right. Although I though TWD was a little slow in its second season Andrew Lincoln always made you feel just a little bad for Rick, no matter how many stupid decisions he made. I put Benedict in this category even though I know here in the states Sherlock is definitely a mini series, but since I’m not going to do my noms for that I figure I’d put him here. He brings Sherlock to life and as much as I might love other new Sherlock shows I will forever hold Benedict as my favorite. 

My Winner: Timothy Olyphant, Justified. 

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama: 

Laurie Holden- The Walking Dead 

Maisie Williams- Game of Thrones 

Lena Headey- Game of Thrones

Lana Parilla- Once Upon A Time 

Kristina Bauer Van Straten- True Blood 

Andrea was going through a tough time this past season on TWD and Laurie knew how to make it work, sure sometimes you thought Andrea sucked and were yelling at your TV screen (I know it wasn’t just me) but the fact you were doing that just says Laurie was doing her job making Andrea the type of character you want to succede, and feel bad for when they don’t. Maisie Williams is young, but what she does with Arya Stark is incredible. It’s not easy playing someone as brazen as Arya but Maisie makes it work. Plus she cut her hair instead of wearing a wig for her storyline where she’s pretending to be a boy. A teenage girl cuts her hair for a role when some older woman don’t even want to dye it for a part. That my friends is commitment. Lena Headey is self explanatory.  Hell hath no fury like a Queen scorned! Lana Parilla gave me emotions as Regina/The Evil Queen. One second I want to punch her, the next I want to hug her (after I punch her) not many actors can do that. Kristin is so awesome as Pam. She easily is my favorite character on the whole series, and the one liners she delivers week-to week have to be worth something. 

My Winner: Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones 

Best Supporting Actor in A Drama: 

Chandler Riggs-  The Walking Dead 

Norman Reedus- The Walking Dead 

Peter Dinklage- Game of Thrones

Walton Goggins- Justified

Silas Weir Mitchell- Grimm 

Evan Peters- American Horror Story 

Sometimes I think The Walking Dead should be renamed Everybody Hates Carl, see here’s the thing: I don’t get it. One thing is for sure, Carl is growing up in one screwed up world and therefore he is becoming a product of it. Showing Carl as a sweet little kid to a psychotic, antisocial personality disorder having mess a perfect. What’s the best part about Carl? Chandler Riggs. Kid is only 13 but his technique is as good as his much older, and tenured costars. Norman Reedus, Silas Weir Mitchell and Peter Dinklage all have one thing in common, they took characters that could have easily fallen short (this is totally not a pun) and turned them into characters that are hard to hate. Reedus and Dinklage could easily get the nods on this one, but definitely not Mitchell. Grimm is a little too genre for those Emmy voters! Goggins continues to run things on Justified and that’s why we love him, but my pick? Evan Peters. He was flipping awesome as Tate on American Horror Story, he was a psycho and after all the things he did all you wanted to do was hug the little bastard, that goes entirely to Evan who sold it from the moment we met him. Also, the scene where Jessica Lange slaps the day lights out of him and he keeps calling out “mama” was one of the saddest, most tear jerking scenes on TV all season. Also, anyone who can act opposite Jessica Lange and make the scene about them deserve all of the awards. ALL OF THEM. 

My Winner: Evan Peters

Best Drama Series: 

-Game of Thrones 

-The Good Wife 

-Once Upon A Time 


-American Horror Story 

-The Walking Dead 

I don’t know if I was entirely fawning over this season’s Drama slate. I feel like half of this would be changed if I had time to watch Revenge and Homeland. These shows were consistant in their writing and performances for all of the season, even if some of them felt like they were losing momentum (Once Upon A Time) while others took some time to pick up steam (The Walking Dead.)Last year Game of Thrones lost best series to Mad Men, I hope it takes what is rightfully there’s this year. Did you guys NOT  see the Battle of Blackwater? It was an entire episode centered around one battle, nothing else, no one else. Peter Dinklage led the way into an episode that will forever have people wishing for Wildfyre instead of fireworks. 

My Winner: Game of Thrones 

Check back tomorrow for my Comedy Edition!