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Go Go Curry 3rd location! Celebrate with 55 cent curry!!!


One of my favorite foodie spots is opening their third location this month.  Find your way down to 2 John Street, New York, NY 10038 at 10:55am on February 25th, 2013. The first 555 guests get 55 cent medium sized curry plus 5 topping coupons to use on future visits.

You can check out my original review here.


You should really like their facebook page here.

Hey Now! That is some good food @ Memo Shish Kebab

So on my free time and a hungry belly I took myself over to a restaurant in Brooklyn called Memo Shish Kebab. The official address is: 1821 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn 11229. Anyway, I have always liked this place because of its authentic Turkish/ Mediterranean taste. It is easy to go to a restaurant that claims to be authentic Mediterranean and of course, it tastes like a plate of oil or the lamb is burnt, the rice is crunchy… I think you get my point by now. 

Like most Turkish restaurants, you get some dipping sauces and bread to work on while they prepare your food. This is generally my favorite part because I absolutely love yoghurt sauce and hot sauce and Memo generally gives enough for your bread and to dump on your meal. Let’s get started with the sauce:


The hot sauce is hot sauce (how detailed I am!) and the yoghurt sauce is like a flavor explosion in your mouth. Imagine the ‘white sauce’ you ask halal carts (New Yorker alert) for on the finest crack possible. Memo’s ‘white sauce’ is much thinner, but it is also loaded with finely cut dill as you can see above and has subtle lemon undertones. It is great with your bread, or over your rice. I like to dip my bread into the hot sauce, then into the yoghurt sauce.

Onto the food:
I ordered the cheapest thing I could find on the menu - the Memo Shish Kebab, size small. I believe it went up to 9.50, yes, I would say this place is expensive for the portions you get.


Look at how fantastic and perfectly cooked the meat is! It isn’t dried out, and you can see the juices once you dig into your rice and reach the bottom of the plate. You will not find meat this tender and perfectly cooked anywhere else - I have tried. The outside is crispy as depicted above, but the underside of the meat is soft and moist.  You can order lamb or chicken - I really prefer lamb. 

The meat is packed on top of a small bed of rice that has a mellow, somewhat buttery taste. I don’t know what they do to flavor it, but I could probably live off of their rice for a long time,willingly. I especially love to pour yoghurt sauce onto the meat and rice, and even the salad. I’m not exactly a salad person so I usually just eat half of the salad provided. It consists primarily of diced cucumbers and tomato.Think of the shish kebab platter as a shish kebab on a plate with rice instead of meat and salad in a pita.

This food is really great since I keep coming back for more and I mean that truly because the one downside of eating at Memo - the service is quite horrible. I won’t devote any of this review to upbraiding the waitresses, but do expect to receive mediocre service when you go.

Hey now that is some damn good food… at Mitsuwa Marketplace!

So over the week I decided to take a trek to that far away place called New Jersey. It’s a land separated from the rest of the world(New York) by a small body of water, but on this land is a fantastic marketplace that immediately transports you to Japan. 

Mitsuwa is known for a few things, food, special events, and packaged food. Has anyone noticed a theme here yet with my foodie posts? I really like Japanese food.

Anyway, Mitsuwa has a bit in common with the megastores found throughout the United States, for instance: I can sit down for a slice of pizza at Target before I go shopping, I can get a BigMac at McDonalds before I head into the depth’s of Walmart, and I can eat some donuts before I grab some groceries at Shop Rite. What makes Mitsuwa better than all of those places I mentioned? The huge selection of eateries combined with their amazing hard-to-find Japanese goodies(more on that later.)

Onto the food:

I have been going to Mitsuwa for years but I can understand a newcomer being extremely overwhelmed by the selection; even I still have a difficult time deciding what to eat. You have a lot of choices:

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This week I ventured to Sapporo(no, not the alcoholic beverage) which is a fantastic noodle shop not very far from Rockefeller Center. The prices are good and the food is worth a lot more than they charge. There is also a communal feeling inside when you realize you have a huge box of chopsticks to share between yourself and whoever is seated next to you. If you’re alone, or just want to feel like you’re in a noodle shop in Japan - you can sit on a stool and watch the flames dance to the ceiling from under well oiled woks while skilled cooks look on without fear.

To my knowledge there are two locations; however, I have only been to this one. I only know of the second location because I needed Yelp to help me remember where this Sapporo was. I took plenty of pictures of the menu and the address so no one can get lost going there anymore.

There are plenty of dishes to order, but I always order ramen because I am afraid switching things up. I ordered Curry Ramen and Gyoza dumplings and both were delicious. The curry has the signature taste of Japanese curry, but since this is a soup - it lacks the thick creaminess of the curry at Go!Go!Curry! and that is fine by me. The Curry Ramen contains shredded pork, green onions, and lots of ramen. The Gyoza dumplings are what I would have expected - but the dipping sauce was more than I suspected. It appears to be simple soy sauce, but it had a tangy taste that encourages me to just break into their storeroom in the wee hours of night… or I could just ask the head chef what the sauce contains. The first option seems more adventurous! In addition to great dumplings, there are toppings to be added to each dish for a small sum of money.

The menu is possibly my favorite part of the Sapporo experience. There are certain dishes that have been selected as the best deal or the best taste by the main cook - these dishes are accompanied by a chibi caricature image of an asian man with glasses and bright orange hair. It took me a few visits to realize this is what the supervising cook actually looks like! He can be seen wandering from the back to the front of the kitchen area looking over what is being prepared throughout the night. He really does have bright dyed hair despite being an older man - which is very cool in my book. 

If you have any reason to be in the area - visiting the Grand Concourse, the Observation Deck, Rockefeller Center, or even watching a live filming of a Fox Business show; you really need to check out Sapporo. It also makes a great date with a special someone if you’re watching your money a bit!

This is going to be part of a series that I would like to call “HEY NOW, THAT’S DAMN GOOD FOOD.”

I am quite the foodie and when I am not sewing, playing video games, or in Lala Land, I am munching - think of me as Usagi. I eat a ton but I don’t even gain a pound. Anyway, I’m going to take you to some of the best places to get your food on in New York City and you can check them all out after a long day at the Javits. 

My first stop on my list was GO!GO!CURRY! ( By the way, “go” means “five” in Japanese. You may be wondering what this has to do with pop culture - it has PLENTY to do with pop culture. Nerds get hungry, too. GO!GO! is the place to be after a night at New York Comic Con. Do you know why? Because Japanese style curry is pure Otaku food. Go!Go! even knows this because they will host New York Anime Fest/ Comic Con events at their Times Square location. Last year I was very surprised that my boyfriend and I were able to secure a table after the show floor closed because we expected every ‘Anime Head’ (is that what they call themselves?) to fill themselves with curry. Fortunately, for us, they were all lured off by the $1 pizza joints that line the blocks between Jacob Javits and Go!Go!.

Alright, I just realised I didn’t really tell you about the food. Now that you know the importance of Japanese curry, let me tell you about the dishes. Go!Go! is baseball themed(even more pop culture!). There are pictures of players of the Yankees lining the walls - Matsui being the most dominant amongst the portraits. There are also reviews (from Japan) discussing how fantastic the curry is. Did you know that Go!Go! was rated in Japan as the #1 fast food, with the best rice and the best katsu? Well now you know.

The curry sauce is like crack. It is quite rich - not too thick and not too thin and it is loaded with little bits of pork. It is served over a bed of steaming hot rice with a side of shredded cabbage. You can add toppings to your rice such as Natto, Rakkyo, Egg, Cheese, Katsu, etc. I usually just order a Katsu Curry(fried pork over rice). Their sizes are baseball themed. Walk(S), Single(M), Double(L), and Triple(XL). They also offer a platter called the Grand Slam and a 5.5lb dish called the World Champion. Once a year they whole eating contests to see who can down the most curry.

By the way, they really overuse GO or 5. Every 5th, 15th, and 25th is GO!GO! Day so if you stop by and buy some food on any of those days, you get a free topping coupon for your next purchase. Right now I have been racing to use up FIVE free topping coupons I received earlier in the month during the Go!Go! NYC 5th year anniversary.

Pictured above: I ordered a Walk Katsu Curry with cheese as my topping and my boyfriend ordered extra curry sauce. Doesn’t that sauce look great!?

If you have not heard of this place, check it out. If you’re not from New York City, put this on your TO-DO list when you come down for New York Comic Con - just save a seat for me.