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Mad Men: Or How I Learned To Start Watching Again Because Of Kevin Rahm



Unlike our resident Mad Men fan Amanda who has a great relationship with the series I have one that has been rocky to say the least. Mad Men is like an estranged significant other in my world. The breakup wasn’t bad, we just kind of left it as is and moved on, but I still check up on it from time to time. Mad Men was my favorite show until it’s fourth season, my Sunday night would be devoted to the series, (as was True Blood, but that’s a story for another day.) After a while my heart was discontent with the series. I fell out of love with the characters and the story lines. I would still peek to see what was going on but I decided I wouldn’t come back to it, and it was heart breaking because I loved it so as evidenced here: 

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TDHN Exclusive: Highlights From Mad Men At The Paley Center


Exactly a week ago, the Paley Center in Manhattan featured a panel with the cast of Mad Men. Fans and the media filled in every sold out seat in the main theatre and the second floor. Despite seeing the festivities through a screen, this was one of the best panels I have ever attended anywhere.

Mad Men’s ensemble cast and crew was represented by the creator Matthew Weiner as well as actors Jon Hamm, Jessica Paré, John Slattery, January Jones, Vincent Kartheiser and Kiernan Shipka. Brian Williams, best known for anchoring NBC Nightly News), shed his serious side and showed his fanboy colors as moderator. Very few secrets for future episodes were revealed, but here are the questions and comments fans will be most interested in:

"White men in suits did just fine"

This quote from Weiner stuck with me long after the discussion turned away from the way 1968 will be protrayed this coming season. The social unrest, anxiety over the future of the country, and the growing anti Vietnam sentiment will be important themes in the rest of Season 6. Most of the characters will be insulated from the worst of the social turmoil, but they will still feel the anxiety of the times.

 Pete the Skunk

Kartheiser tried very hard to defend the indefensible parts of Pete’s personality and actions. He believes Pete is seeing behind the curtain of Don’s work habits. This season for him is more about controlling Don than becoming Don or exceeding his achievements. 

The End Of Mad Men

Weiner knows how the show will end next year, and has told a few select people. “Everyone thinks it will be a disaster”, he joked. These negative opinons mean he will proceed with the current idea.

Don’t Rank The Mistresses

Jon Hamm refused again to answer which of the many women Don has had affairs with was the best or the favorite. He believes Don himself doesn’t even have the ability to judge his experiences in that way. Hamm did point out that many people believe Rachel Menken from Season 1 was different from the rest. Rachel was the only one who did not know Don was married.

The Big Mistake

Mad Men’s writers rarely make factual errors, but a throwaway line in ta recent episode ended up making headine news. Joan tells a friend she will make reservations at Le Cirque, but the iconic Manhattan restarant did not exist until 1974. Weiner apologized profusely for the error and also noted that the reaction shows how much of an impact Mad Men has on current pop culture.

“Why Did Lane Have To Die?”

This was the first question from the audience, and it is by far my favorite because it was the same question I would asked Weiner if I had the chance. He revealed that Lane’s tragic suicide at the end of last season fit with his cultural background. British expatriates were under enormous pressure from family and others to suceed in whatever venture they pursued. Failure was unacceptable, and those who failed could not go back. Lane chose death before facing the consequences of his mistakes and dealing with expectations that that did not match the results.

Sunday’s episode already highlighted some of the trends mentioned at the panel. I’m defnitely looking forward to the rest of Season 6 as well as to the next major Paley Center event. 

NYCC 2012 Cosplayers Gallery Part 2

Every fandom had at least one costume on display at New York Comic Con. I took so many photos of my favorite cosplayers that it was hard to narrow all of them down. (Part 1 of this series is here) :

Thors vs. Lokis (The Avengers was definitely the most popular cosplay this year):

Once Upon A Time:

Joan Holloway:

Ms. Frizzle with a TARDIS-eque school bus:

Come back soon because there will be a Sherlock BBC and a Doctor Who cosplay gallery. There were way too many photos for this post, especially from the epic Doctor Who meetup on Sunday.

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Dream Emmy Noms

We all have a right to dream, don’t we? As much as award shows don’t really matter to us, we care a little bit. We can usually predict who wins what, and tweet/complain about it.

The Emmy Nominations will be announced this Thursday, and The Daily Hey Now staff has chosen their dream roster of nominations:

Kristina’s Dream Team:

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series:

Lena Dunham- Girls

Martha Plimpton- Raising Hope

Courteney Cox- Cougar Town

Amy Poehler- Parks and Recreation

Jane Levy- Suburgatory

Patricia Heaton- The Middle

Plimpton and Poehler were nominated last year, but lost to Melissa McCarthy. Dunham and Levy have small resumes, but are surely making a bang in their performances. Heaton has an Emmy for her work on Everybody Loves Raymond, but The Middle hasn’t caught any voter attention as of yet. The sheer fact that Courtney Cox has no Emmy nominations (not even Friends!) is just astounding.

My winner: Amy Poehler. I feel Poehler’s performance as Leslie Knope is just perfection. I know Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Tina Fey are automatic nominees at this point, but give Amy her deserved Emmy!

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:

Louie CK- Louie

Danny McBride- Eastbound and Down

Joel McHale- Community

Adam Scott- Parks and Recreation

Garrett Dillahunt- Raising Hope

Zachary Levi- Chuck

Jeremy Sisto- Suburgatory

Louie’s nomination from last year should give him a definite nomination this time around. I know Community is more of an ensemble type of cast, but I feel McHale would be up for lead actor if nominated. McHale is the most recognizable from the cast, I guess outside of Chevy Chase. I consider Parks more of an ensemble, but the lead males would either be Adam Scott or Rob Lowe (whom would probably be nominated over Scott.) McBride’s Kenny fucking Powers would be the doucheiest guy you’d ever meet-yet he’s still really likeable. Dillahunt is known for more dramatic roles, but on Raising Hope, he really shows his comedy chops. This would be Levi’s last chance to be nominated, but we all know that would be a definite long shot. Sisto is new the category, as is Suburgatory, but should not go ignored.

My winner: Louie CK. Can we all agree that he is just a genius?  I wouldn’t surprise if he took it home. The show is critically acclamined, Woody Allen wanted him for his new movie, and his comedy special that he sold himself online did really well. Will this be the year of Louie, or will another CBS star steal it away?

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series:

Cheryl Hines- Suburgatory

Cobie Smulders- How I Met Your Mother

Alison Brie- Community

Aubrey Plaza- Parks and Recreation

Casey Wilson- Happy Endings

Busy Phillips- Cougar Town

I really would have chosen all the women from Community and Happy Endings because they are that damn good! Even Elisha Cuthbert- went from one my least favorites to one of the funniest characters on the show. I think HIMYM had an exceptional season, considering it’s the seventh year. Some of the best scenes in a sitcom are the ones that aren’t funny. I really felt for Robin when she found out she couldn’t have children. We knew Hines was funny on Curb; but her funny suburban mother character is just so damn likable! (You totally are shipping Dallas and George.)

My winner: Busy Phillips. She brought it this short season. Those Laurie/Travis scenes in Cougar Town, some of them were just so heartbreaking. Now that it’s a TBS show, anything Cougar Town related will be overlooked.

 Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series:

Nick Offerman- Parks and Recreation

Max Greenfield- New Girl

Danny Pudi- Community

Adam Driver- Girls

Damon Wayans Jr.- Happy Endings

Rob McElhenney- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

As the manliest man in Pawnee (or Earth), Offerman deserves a vote and all the bacon and eggs you have. Greenfield’s Schmidt’s starting off as a one-dimensional douche jarring jackass. Suddenly, he became the funniest character on TV overnight. Pudi’s Abed will surely know he will be ignored, as well as his favorite show, Cougar Town. I hated Adam Driver’s character for almost the whole season of Girls. By the time the series is over, the douchiest hipster on his bike became the sweetest guy who wanted a relationship. You ruined everything, Hannah Horvath! Wayans Jr. is definately the member of that family I’d like to see more of. Two words: FAT MAC. He totally Raging Bull’d it.

My winner: Max Greenfield. Zooey may be the pretty face of the operation, but Greenfield’s character is the breakout star of the show.

Outstanding Comedy Series:


Parks and Recreation


Happy Endings

New Girl

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I’m betting only one of these shows will end up on the actual ballot. All of these shows are basically critical darlings, so why wouldn’t they have a chance? Most of them have great ensemble casts, outside of Louie, the one-man show and other people he meets along the way. Sunny would never be recognized, but it’s been on for seven seasons and should count for something.

My Winner: Community. Louie gets Outstanding Actor, so Community gets Comedy Series. In a perfect world, THIS happens.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series:

Elizabeth Moss- Mad Men

Katey Sagal- Sons of Anarchy

Katie LeCLerc- Switched At Birth

When I was looking for eligible series, I realized I don’t watch most network dramas. I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives a long time ago. I feel there aren’t a lot of lead actresses I was able to choose from. (I know, I need to watch Homeland and Revenge before fall.) Moss’ character has left SCDP, but I’m sure she won’t be so far gone. Segal will make you forget that she was ever Peggy Bundy after watching 1 episode of Sons. I’m sure the voters aren’t looking at any ABC Family show seriously, but Switched at Birth is a really good family drama. Katie LeClerc is a great dramatic actress. Just like everything else that is good, she will be ignored. This is why we can’t have nice things.

My Winner: Katey Sagal. She’s been snubbed for too long- maybe that Golden Globe she won will help…

Lead Actor in a Drama Series:

Timothy Olyphant- Justified

Jon Hamm- Mad Men

Jason Isaacs- Awake

Ray Romano- Men of a Certain Age

Charlie Hunnam- Sons of Anarchy

Look, I know Breaking Bad is back. Bryan Cranston is excellent as Walter White, but he won 3 times. Give another man a chance!  I hope Cranston’s eligibility won’t kick out Olyphant- Justified is the next great drama outside of Breaking Bad. If Awake gathered more of an audience, Isaacs would have been in for a nomination. He actually made me CRY in one episode, and TV never makes me cry! Romano, known as a sitcom actor, had a really great performance in MOACA. He was believable as a divorcee and former gambler. Hunnam’s Jax Teller is pretty rough, and he plays the hell out of the newly appointed leader of SAMCRO.

My Winner: Jon Hamm. Normally, I’d pick Olyphant, but Hamm’s been nominated every year without a win- shocking for Mad Men, which wins best drama every year. I was particularly fond of this past season, and Hamm proves he is a great leading man.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series:

Christina Hendricks- Mad Men

Anna Gunn- Breaking Bad

Kiernan Shipka- Mad Men

Lena Headey- Game of Thrones

Joelle Carter- Justified

Maggie Siff- Sons of Anarchy

More women in the supporting category… is there something wrong with me or TV? As I said before, I enjoyed Mad Men this season, especially performances from Hendricks and Shipka. I think the moment Cersei slapped Joffrey made Headey a definite for this category. Gunn is great as well, I mean, who isn’t on Breaking Bad? I love Carter’s Ava Crowder so much, although this season has been missing a lot of BoVa action. You’d think Siff would get some credit from being on Mad Men?

My winner: Christina Hendricks. I am surprised at myself that I am giving Mad Men a lot of awards. Maybe I should be an Emmy voter? (Call me, Emmys?)

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series:     

Giancarlo Esposito- Breaking Bad

Neal McDonough- Justified

Bob Odenkirk- Breaking Bad

Jared Harris- Mad Men

Sean Berdy- Switched At Birth

I don’t know if Odenkirk is ‘supporting’ enough to be in this category, but who doesn’t love some Saul Goodman? I guess he doesn’t really stand a chance against the rest- just the sheer fact that Gustavo Fring and Robert Quarles are fucking crazy! If Esposito and McDonough can’t convince you, shut the front door! Lane Pryce’s death was shocking enough, and Harris got to punch Pete Campbell! That has to count for something! Berdy, like LeClerc, will be ignored for some amazing, emotional performances.

My Winner- Giancarlo Esposito. Viva Los Pollos Hermanos!

Outstanding Drama Series:

Breaking Bad


Game of Thrones

Sons of Anarchy

Switched a Birth

Wow, I really don’t watch any network dramas.  You can surely get away with more on HBO or FX.

My Winner: Breaking Bad. Mad Men can take the back seat this year.  As much as I like Mad Men, it is nothing compared to Breaking Bad. This is the only show where I’m on the edge of my seat at all times. If you try to talk or contact me during it, I will shut you DOWN.

Tune in Thursday for the results! Comment back and bitch with us about the nominations! Check back here for more dream staff rosters!