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Hey Now Books! The Diviners by Libba Bray

Title: The Diviners (Book 1 of The Diviners Series)

Author: Libba Bray

Format: ebook 466 pgs 

Rating: 5/5 Hey Nows 


Having been a fan of Libba Bray for a few years now, (her Gemma Doyle series still has me an emotional mess in need of a sequel series) The Diviners was an easy pick for me. Recommended to me by a friend of mine, reading The Diviners was an easy decision and one that I am thrilled to have made. 

The Diviners is a story set in 1920’S New York, it follows a group of young people, each different, each with our own story and niche. First we meet Evangeline “Evie” O’Neill a perky, flapper girl from Ohio who has been exiled to live with her crazy, scholar, uncle Will  in New York after a slight mishap in her small, close nit town. Evie’s lucky that she left Ohio because her personality is far too big to be squandered by small town life. All seems grand when she gets to New York except Evie has a big secret that can help save the world, but she’s not the only one. 

After a set of serial murders begins to plague the city Uncle Will is asked to help the police solve the murders which are now showing to be a little bit more complicated than first realized. The murders are tied to the occult and luckily Uncle Will runs the local Supernatural Museum and is an expert in all things bizarre. Evie has her eyes set to help him by using her special ability. See, Evie can hold any object that belongs to a person and tell them about personal things. She usually uses it as a parlor trick, but when she gets to deep into the persons psych it’s not all fun and games. 

We find out fairly early on that Evie is a Diviner. Diviners are people with skill sets that can help prevent certain things from eventually happening. People like Evie who can hold an object and tell you your story, people who can tell the future, run so hot they go into a rage and can kill, healers, dream walkers, etc… The Diviners were given these gifts so they can prevent the doom in the world except most of them can’t band together because they keep their secrets close to their hearts. 

The Diviners is a book that is so well written, and has so many great characters that well rounded and fleshed out that you can’t put the book down. It’s very difficult to find a book where you don’t dislike a character, or find a side in a love triangle and this one has that. I hated no on in the book, although I did find one character to be expendable but I’m certain her purpose might be found in the second book of the series. There’s also romance, because lets face it what would a YA book be without that? And I have to say I am torn and still torn on who I would pick for the girl in question, but I love both boys equally. 

One of the things I adored about the book was how well researched it was. There was a lot of historical facts weaved into the story and explained for those that might not know, or remember. Certain laws and factoids. She also dives into the social scene of the 20’s, how flappers were regarded and treated, the prohibition, and my personal favorite, interracial relationships. I enjoy a book I can learn from as well as be entertained by, I even had to google somethings to see what it was like in that era and as someone who loves to learn new things that was a heck lot of fun. 

I know slapped the book with a 5/5 rating because I did love it entirely. I wanted to slip it down to a 4 at one point because there was something I wasn’t sure I loved; it began to drag. Make no mistake this book is fairly long. My ebook was over 450 pages, but the book in its regular form is well over 500 pages and I don’t mind that at all if I wasn’t screaming for a good 100 pages for something to finally happen. I understand this is the first in what is supposed to be 4 books so Bray was trying to introduce us to characters and the overall plot of the storyline which is fine by me. The reason I went back up to a 5 is because of how well written and wonderful this book is and how superb and promising this series seems to be. Even with the slight lul I breezed through this book in two days, never wanting to put down for free that I would miss something, as if I were going to the bathroom during a movie. 

Rumor has it the next book wont be out for a while but I can’t wait. For more on my thoughts, I will be doing a discussion vlog later in the week. 

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