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Bunheads- “I’ll Be Your Meyer Lanksy”

Bunheads seemed a bit all over the place this week, just like it’s sister show beforehand, Switched at Birth. All the characters all involved in some story, but none of it comes together. Last week, Sasha was told she needs to choose to move with her mother or father, but she hasn’t packed a thing. Her mother just gives her the keys and leaves. (How a mother could just leave behind her 16 year old daughter is beyond me, but anyway….) She has an empty house for 2 weeks until the next family moves in, but where is she going to live? How is she going to support herself? I figured she would just go to Michelle, but we’ll probably find more about that next week. 

The accountant still has an issue with Fanny and Michelle: They are losing money. Fanny is still not charging half her students, and all of this land is just sitting there. Accountant suggests to make profit somehow like pony rides or something, just to get some income. So Michelle and Fanny have some crazy idea of building an amphitheater, and Millie wants in on it. WIthout consulting Fanny, Michelle agrees, because Millie has the money to invest, but it upsets Truly in the mean time. Millie always wins, but Michelle pointed out that she wasn’t her friend, just merely a business partner. Also, she never got Hubell. Man, that guy’s presence will always creepily be there.

Guess what? Hottie bartender GODOT returns. But, I really don’t care. He and Michelle shared a kiss, and the bunheads ant her to go for it again, but Michelle messes it up. After finding out she was a few credits shy of a diploma, she is down in the dumps. She also assumes GODOT is a high school dropout, but he has his masters in oceanography. I don’t know why she would assume that he’s a dropout because he bartends at a crappy restaurant. 

Boo is missing this week, so we get more time with Ginny and Melanie. The kids at school are still interested in Frankie and Cozette, but I am so done with them. They are so popular and interesting because everyone says they are. They know sign language (They should have went to Carlton), and even win trivia night! The show makes it seem that the Frankie/Ginny thing might happen, but I still don’t care. 

Also back: Melanie’s annoying brother, Charlie. Turns out, he was a really sweet guy to his girlfriend who publicly dumped him in the school hallways. This upsets Melanie and shows that she actually cares for her brother, she yanks his ex’s ponytail and knocks her to the floor, which was the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.She knocks down GODOT as well, too bad he didn’t have a ponytail.

Random Remarks:

-Millie named Sparkles. Truly was right, woman gets everything!

-Melanie’s yank made The Soup’s clip of the week. 

-Cozette suggests Melanie to try out for the roller derby. 

-Michelle refers to junior college as “baby college”.

-“We won’t be long, we talk fast!”

Switched at Birth-“Duel of Two Women”

A lot was happening on this week’s Switched at Birth, but there was a little too much of going on. Bay and Natalie are still having problems, including Bay trying to cover up the ‘hearie bitch’ graffiti on her locker. Emmett lets his mom knows what’s going on, and schedules a mandatory retreat so all the students can figure out their problems. Yes, because forcing all your students into the forest on a weekend is going to solve everything. Melody is the guidance counselor, does she even have the authority to call the shots?

Well, that happened, and Emmett asks Daphne to cover for him so he can get some alone time with Bay, but Bay seems to have some feelings for Noah, one of the other hearing kids at Carlton. Although he is hearing now, he could lose it due to Meniere’s disease. he sometimes has some dizzy episodes, and that worries Bay. Emmett wants to know why she’s so concerned about this guy she just met, but I guess Bay is just trying to fit with other hearing students and meeting new people. Obviously Bay and Emmett aren’t going to get back together, they have to drag it out for the shippers like us to make things more interesting.

Regina hears some news that is worse than the whole Angelo situation: her hand isn’t going to get any better, and she won’t be able to sign or cut hair again. Daphne sees it as a slap in the face, and even Melody accuses her of lying. In the end, it’s hurting Regina even more that she can’t communicate with her daughter in her on language. Also her salon career comes to an end, and that’s the only thing she knows so she must go back to square one. 

Kathryn is interviewed by some magazine to talk about recipes and other womanly things wives do, but turns into a conversation about illegal immigration. The conversation makes it seem like that John is ok with hiring illegal immigrants. This upsets John that it may go into a mini scandal, but John needs to realize having Kathryn will benefit him during this election.

The last storyline that was completely random was Toby and Angelo’s pregnant med student. They both happen to be at the same auto shop, and Toby offers to give her a lift. He also just happens to get into a mini accident with the pregnant woman in the car, so he takes her to the hospital. She also tells him he could stay, cause this is how most teenage boys want to spend their afternoon. Was Nikki at church or something?

Random Remarks:

- Looks like Daphne and Travis are finally going to happen? This is exciting!!

-Hearie Bitch is pretty harsh, Natalie. Kids are cruel! 

Justified- “Where’s Waldo?”

Ladies and Gentlemen: Justified is back! Ok, I realize it was back a week ago, but I watched the episode late. Sue me! But yes, i am sorry. I am with Justified for the rest of the season. I swear on Ray Ray! (So you know I’m serious.)

Last week, Ellen May felt saved by God thanks to Billy St. Cyr. Unfortunately, she has been missing some shifts. She tells Ava her soul is saved and she never felt better. Ava also reminds her that she saved her soul and that whores who’ve killed men aren’t forgiven. (And she nailed all those lines.) But Billy and his sister Cassie get a decent crowd each meeting, so someone is buying what they’re selling. They’ve got some trick up their sleeves that we should see soon enough. Boyd meets with Sheriff Parlow (Hi Jim Beaver!), and reveals that Billy and Cassie show up in different towns and don’t over stay their welcome. Boyd assumes they’re grifters, and religion is a convincing way to trick people.

This week in Ray Ray: Art and Tim are noticing that Ray has been tired, arriving late and leaving early and just off his game in general. Art comments along the line of his baby being born, but I wonder if Natalie Zea will return for an episode for even have any mention of when the baby is born. (I know she’s busy with Kevin Bacon on Fox.) The guys stake out at the Truth residence, to find out if anyone knows anything about that bag that was found in Arlo’s wall. Many colorful conversations come out while they wait to follow one of the young sons. Ray falls asleep, or “keeping addict hours” as the others point out. too bad Rachel had to miss out on all the fun. They finally get to the front of the house with their guns up, looking for Waldo truth. The comedy ensues with this family, smoking pot in front of marshals, and letting their tween son have a gun because he’s old enough. Turns out, the real Waldo isn’t there, and he was in Art’s life previously, in one of his most memorable cases of his career.

Another new character arrives in Harlan, Randall (Robert Baker, whom I recognize when I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy) but we really have no idea who he is till the end. He’s some crazy fighter guy no one wants to mess with. Maybe he would be some villain that Raylan would have to deal with, since Randall just helped himself to a beer when the bar was closed. Turns out he is he husband of bartender Lindsay, whom Ray Ray has been spending plenty of time with. It doesn’t seem like Lindsay is so fond of her husband, but I’m sure we’ll find out more about him in next week’s installment.

Random Remarks:

-Ellen May quotes the bible: “Palms Number 62”.

-Art makes a marshal stiffy joke, because he can.

-Wynn Duffy visits Boyd and mentions Arlo killing a Dixie Mafia member in prison. Boyd was unaware, but Wynn suggests he go meet Arlo very soon.

-That opening scene… oof! Everyone wants a piece of Ray Ray.

-The romantic story of how Mr. and Mrs. Truth met was quite excellent.

-Constable Bob is absent this time, but I hope to see more of him. Patton Oswalt is just a delight.

Bunheads- “Channing Tatum is a Fine Actor”

There are new faces in Paradise, and our little Bunheads aren’t really fond of them. Cosette and Frankie, the new brother/sister students just happen to be those insanely talented kids who seem like they could do anything. Cosette is an excellent dancer, so its clear that the girls would be jealous of her being the MVP of Fanny’s school. I wish we could have seen Fanny’s reaction to the new girl, but she was MIA for some reason. All they know about the new kids is that they talented and have picnic lunches with wine. The girls vote Ginny to get the scoop from Frankie, who seems very reminiscent of fellow network bad boy Caleb from Pretty Little Liars. He even figured out Ginny’s name was Virginia even before I did.

My second favorite ship of ABC Family has returned: Boo and Carl! (COO!) Feelings are still there 6 weeks apart, so they are officially a couple! They are even doing coupley things like meeting each other’s parents. Boo’s parents are more carefree and welcoming to embarrassing stories, while Carl’s are the opposite. They make Boo feel uncomfortable and throwing her off with many questions. She gets flustered, and excuses herself from the table, but she overhears something shocking! She may be the one he wants to marry! This freaks Boo out, but then she sees how sweet he is and accepts his non-proposal. Carl just mentioned that to his parents to keep them quiet. Boo is a bit discouraged, but both realize that it would have been too soon and will hold off on any planning. 

Sasha is still avoiding going home, so she sneaks over to the dance studio to meet Roman. (He always seems to be hiding in the bushes and Michelle knows. She invented that!) Last week gave a preview of Sasha’s parents divorcing. She’s given an ultimatum: Move away with her father or move away with her mother. Sasha’s life is clearly in Paradise, so she won’t be going anywhere. The way that the Michelle/Sasha relationship is going, i think Sasha will be crashing on Michelle’s couch for awhile.

Michelle is already having an uninvited guest: Truly and her store. Truly hasn’t paid her rent in months and her landlord has been unreasonably raising the price. She uses Michelle’s space to do some business and go to town on some wine. Michelle offers to help Truly negotiate with her landlord, Millie, who happens to be her sister and played by Liza Weil. (OMG GUYS, PARIS!) Sister drama ensues, and it turns out that truly stole Hubbell away from Millie. Since she was completely unaware, Michelle had to explain who she was exactly. I guess Millie doesn’t hang around town often, but hopes she stops by again real soon.

Random Remarks:

-I am glad this title’s episode was said during the episode because it is lovely.

-Sasha’s mom- “You have a choice, Sophie.” I missed that the first time.

- I too, would love to hear Michelle’s version of “the talk”. I assume it’s very colorful.

-I really hope you all are enjoying ABC Family Monday nights as much as I do. I love the back to back pairing of Bunheads and Switched at Birth, especially since they aren’t the typical kind of high school shows or high school kids. Remember Melanie quoting The Breakfast Club some episodes back? It probably came out 20 years after she was born.

Switched At Birth- “The Awakening Conscience”

Switched at Birth is starting off its second season delightfully. All the characters seem to be apart of a storyline, having the cast act more like an ensemble rather than just the 2 girls who were switched having the stories revolve around them. Daphne and Bay are obviously still the core plot of the show, but having all the characters involved makes the cast more of a whole. 

This week, Bay convinces her parents for her to transfer to Carlton. At first, John and Kathryn weren’t buying their hearing daughter at a deaf school. She points out that she’s actually arguing for school, and her signing is much better. The Kennishes allow it, but Kathyrn wanted to make sure she wasn’t just tranfering for Emmett. She’s happy to have another friend there, as well as Daphne, but whatever Bay. You know you loveeeeee him! There is also another hearing student in the program, (also Matt from Teen Wolf!) so she feels a little less left out. Bay’s signing is not as top notch as she thought, and one particular student, Natalie, seems to notice. She’s fed up with Bay having to be accommodated, meanwhile this is the only place that she doesn’t need accommodations. 

Meanwhile, Daphne wants to give the food truck a whirl, as well as giving back to her community.(John helped too!) She’s giving out free tacos and just accepting tips. Ravi, one neighborhood kid is not liking her welcome. To him, she’s just some rich blonde with white guilt by giving away free food to his lower class neighborhood. She comments back to him in spanish, and that she grew up there, as a Vasquez. He still feels she’s taking over his turf and its hurting his family’s business. So he cuts the power from the truck as his big F you to Daphne.

Toby finally gets a decent amount of screen time, with his new main squeeze Nikki! (She is mad adorable.) Kathryn even gets some time with her son, and Nikki suggests that Kathryn sing on their recording. (Super cute again!) Toby receives song bad news from Emmett: someone posted a drunk nudie pic of Nikki on the band’s website. This makes Toby furious but Nikki has her reasons: she was going through ahard time losing her father, and bad some poor decisions. She realizes her actions, but doesn’t apologize for her actions. Plus, it was long before she ever met Toby. (Go girl.)

Angelo confessed to Regina right away about impregnating someone else while they were briefly apart. I’d rather this come out now rather than Regina not knowing for half of this season. It was great that he came right out with it, but no matter how you bring it up, it’s never going to end well. After their green card wedding, their life seemed to be coming together. Now, it seems that he moved on quickly after their breakup and it cost him in the end.

Random Remarks:

-I’ve been reading random TCA tweets, and Switched is having an ASL episode coming in March. Exciting news!

-Bay called Daphne her sister. Awwwwwwwwwwww. Super cute!

-John and Kathryn called each other Bill and Hillary when saying good night. This episode was filled with super cuteness.

Switched at Birth- “The Door to Freedom”

Switched at Birth’s second season has finally arrived! After Angelo has won all that cash, he returns to the Kennishes with a new sports car and presents for all! He gives Bay a love letter Frida Kahlo wrote to Diego, and Daphne a food truck! These are quite the extravagant gifts from your long lost father, huh? It seems that Angelo wants to give back to the rest of the family for moving into their home and having all of them deal with his green card marriage. He also wants to buy land and build a new home for himself and Regina. The only problem for Regina is that Daphne won’t leave the Kennishes. Angelo says she’ll most likely leave once she starts college, so they can start their official married life together.

One problem comes across- Angelo might have fathered another child while he was in Rome. The woman he claimed was from People Magazine-is possibly preggers with his child. He confides in Toby to keeping his secret, but he spills to Bay since he feels that she has the right to know. Angelo helps convince Bay’s honor board that she didn’t cheat on her test, and after Bay confronts him about the other woman. He plays it off like she doesn’t want her involved, and that wouldn’t change their relationship. This becomes oddly ironic after all these years, Angelo is repairing his relationship with Bay and Daphne, but doesn’t think twice about abandoning this child.

In more positive Bay news, she is slowly repairing her relationship with Emmett, which will soon blossom into a beautiful butterfly. Bay feels alone at Buckner, authorities find her the artwork on her car inappropriate, and she is accused of cheating when she’s actually studying. It’s revealed in next week’s preview that Bay is going to transfer to Carlton, since they have a special pilot program and for her to be closer to Emmett.

Daphne’s relationship with Chef Jeff also comes to an end, finally. This storyline was awful even before it started, but Chef ended things like an adult should. They have been texting for the time being, and she asks him if she could use him as a contact for her resume. He texts her that he needs to see her, but it’s not what she expects. I would have said she should have known what was going to happen, but she is a teenager and it was her first love/boyfriend, so she doesn’t take it that easy. She seems distracted in school, so Melody enrolls her into her class where she has a free period. All she ends up doing is doodling a big J into her notebook. Melody confronts her about that situation, not because she was also involved with him, because she had a great opportunity as a deaf person working in a kitchen. She tells her she messed up because she can make a difference for their community. That scene was really great between them, and that’s what makes Switched at Birth such a great drama.

Random Remarks:

-My wish was answered- we get more Travis! He’s definitely my favorite character. I ship him and Daphne so hard. He flirts with her the whole episode, but turns him down harshly. She makes up with him in the end, by making him food truck waffles.

-Travis also thinks Chef Jeff is ok looking. This dude needs his own half hour!

-There was a slight storyline with John and Kathryn and running for State Senate. Their golf buddies asked them to talk to someone to run, but Kathryn thought they were talking about her. John is told he would be better, although I wish it could have been Kathryn. She encourages him to do it, as she will be able to gain experience as well. Maybe she’ll get more involved in the campaign in the episodes to come!

-Mondays will be very ABC family friendly here on the blog.

Bunheads- “You Wanna See Something?”


It’s a very ABC Family day on TDHN, with winter premieres galore! (Switched At Birth review to follow) My favorite new show from last summer returns: Bunheads! In the mid-season finale, Michelle left Paradise after macing the entire cast of The Nutcracker. Where does she end up? Back to her Vegas roots, of course! She is the backup dancer/poser for a lame magician’s act that barely anyone wants to see. Ironically enough, the tagline for the magician is “You want to see something?”, and Michelle tells him that it’s redundant because people showed up. Michelle is miserable, sleeping on Dahlia’s couch, feeling unwelcomed by her grandfatherly boyfriend and eating his food. (He also wonders if her hoohah is broken.)

Back in Paradise, Fanny is watching old videos of Michelle and the girls during class. The studio is now used as a storage unit (someone needed to store their canoe somewhere), and she also discovers a DVD from Hubell and Michelle’s wedding. Michelle was just a drunken mess, but Hubell is as clear headed as can be. Michelle probably had too much beer, so she had to head to the ladies room. Hubell tells the camera guy they can cut that part out and let another wedding go before them, but it was unedited. It’s exactly what Fanny needed to see. Hubell loved Michelle so dearly, as he admits it to the cameraman. He wanted her to have a life with her in Paradise, and thought she would have been happier. This causes Fanny to go to Vegas and convince Michelle to come back home. (It still is technically her home.) Fanny leaves the wedding DVD with her for her to make up her mind. Fanny just wants to honor her son by bringing Michelle back and making her happy. We knew that would make her come back this episode, how much longer would we take sad Michelle on the couch in Vegas?

Without and dance classes, the girls needed to take up new hobbies. Ginny worked with her mom’s real estate agency (is she old enough to do that?), Melanie spends time with her gramps at The Oyster Bar (“He likes coming here, I don’t know why!), and Boo is running around the house babysitting as her pregnant mother is on bed rest. During half the episode, they discuss if a certain package has arrived. The package turns out to be Sasha, who spent the summer at Joffrey. Sasha isn’t ready to go home, she’s afraid to go back to her parents, but none of the girls can take her. She sneaks into Michelle’s guest house and invites Bauhaus t shirt boy she met at the hospital. As they are about to kiss, Michelle returns and Sasha could not be happier. You thought maybe Michelle would have been upset that Sasha snuck into her place with a boy, but it just turns into the sweetest moment in the episode. Michelle notions boy to leave, and Sasha spends the night at Michelle’s.

Random Remarks:

-Next week’s episode looks like a divorce for Sasha’s parents-and possibly moving away?

-Hubell makes an 80s movie reference: “Ducky got Molly.” Oh, Cameron!

- Truly’s cardboard box kitchen was insane and genius at the same time.

-The nutcracker macing auto tuned video was also amazingly genius when the class danced to it when Michelle returned.

Degrassi: “Las Vegas”


Kristina: Happy New Year, Degrassi fans! I only just realized that the Las Vegas episode was one long episode. It was almost like a mini-movie, though I’m pretty sure it can’t be considered a TV movie by any standards. Sorry for being so late!

Drew: We’re late? When did this come out?

K: On my birthday, the 14th of December. I just thought it would be split into 2 parts like usual.

D: Oh wow, we really are late here. Ah well, better than talking about The Faculty ten years after the fact. Better not waste any more time though, huh?

K: Indeed! So, Drew and Bianca plan to get hitched in Vegas, without mama Torres knowing anything. Drew and Adam tell mama they’re going ‘camping’ for the time being. They decided a smaller, private wedding would be better, although Adam was trying to convince Drew about having a big, Torres family wedding.

D: Yeah, see, right out the gate these kids aren’t exactly making the most convincing argument as far as whether or not they are mature enough to get married just yet. Camping? Really? Might not mean you’re exactly ready yet. But hey, what do I know? Groom Boy (which is shall call Drew, because I am Drew, and he can’t be Drew, too) is confident this choice is in no way irrational and silly, so let the adventure begin!

K: After meeting another fellow bachelor, Drew seems a bit discouraged that the other guy had about 30 people, when he only had a measly 3. He makes a phone call, and realizes he isn’t ready yet. It is unclear to know who he might have called, but it was his mom. She flew out to stop the wedding, because it’s just that simple in TV land. Although, mama and Bianca had a pretty good relationship in the past. I think she said she was better than her son at some point?

D: Just so we’re all clear here: Drew realizes his wedding is to be witnessed by only about four friends and a couple of drag queens (I’m not kidding about that). He probably also noticed that he isn’t even old enough to drink at his own bachelor party, and that he had to lie and tell his mommy that he was going camping, so that he could sneak out and get married instead. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, he isn’t exactly mature enough or ready to make such an important decision. But what do I know, I’m just a hater? Like Groom Boy’s mommy, who shows up just in time for the wedding, because TV magic works for convenience.

K: Oh, the drag queens! I forgot about them. They were super supportive. Besides them, Adam, Fiona and Imogen, Mo, Marisol, Katie and Jake were among the witnesses. (More on them later.) Bianca was pissed, but Drew made up to her with a whole Elvis song and dance number with help of their friends (queens included!) and mama Torres. This was a sweet moment I approved of.

D: So, in the end, Groom Boy asks Bride Girl if she’ll marry him - someday. It seems that he may have realized if he’s subconsciously trying to sabotage his own wedding by calling his mom to come and ruin it, maybe he isn’t ready. Granted he doesn’t ever once say, “Hey, thanks mom, for convincing me that maybe I was a bit too young”. No, he reached this decision entirely on his own and with nobody else’s input. Still, the adventures of Groom Boy and Bride Girl are perhaps the only circumstances this episode which do not end in utter disaster for everyone involved.

K: At least someone has a happy ending- on with the Katie subplot! Originally planning to vacate in Puerto Vallarta, Katie, Jake, Mo and Marisol’s flight is cancelled. They just so happen to get on the next flight that’s leaving- of course, it’s Vegas. Kids in Canada just have money for all these flights and hotel charges. Seriously, are they swimming in a safe of gold coins like Scrooge McDuck?

D: Alright so, background: Katie was accepted to the most prestigious college of her dreams before she left home. Unfortunately, her mom ran the numbers, and there was just no affording it. Disappointed, College Girl comes up with a scheme on her way to Vegas: she’ll earn all the money she needs by counting cards! That can’t be so difficult! Ask Alan from The Hangover!

K: We know that was going to end well! Clearly, Katie hasn’t gambled before. She loses everything she has, but gained a business card from a bad-ass billionaire. Seriously, his card said bad-ass billionaire. This BAB (you know, bad-ass billionaire?) just so happens to the creator of facerange, the social networking site of the Degrassi population.

D: Right! So Zuckerberg - because that’s what I’m calling this cat - wants to offer College Girl a, erm… “job”. While Marisol is skeptical that Zuckerberg’s intentions may NOT be strictly business related, College Girl remains optimistic. Also, slightly desperate, which can make people far more optimistic. She decides to attend an interview with Zuckerberg, who assures her, he’s like, “Dude, seriously, there totally, absolutely, 100% will not be any sex-related activities during your employment with me. Absolutely not.” He says. “Sex is yucky.”

K: Marisol keeps Katie’s time with BAB secretive, since they are BFF’s for life. That backfires when Katie is late to the wedding, and Jake is wondering what is taking her so long. Marisol spills, because she is just that bad at lying. Katie ends up getting the money she lost from gambling from BAB, just for hanging out with him. He gives her a pretty (slutty) dress, a live performance from a band (that seems important) so they and dance the day away! But BAB mentions that he still wants to sex her up, ever so bluntly. She refuses, but Jake ends up dumping her in Vegas anyway for lying.

D: One thing that bothers me: Non-Zuckerberg is, for all intents and purposes A BILLIONAIRE. I mean, the guy has enough money to presumably by human beings like cattle. So why does he have to PAY a teenager to have sex with him? One sort of assumed this is the sort of thing I always thought billionaires had no trouble accomplishing, but I digress. So College Girl saved the money, but lost her man, who I think I’ll admit is the only character I pity in this whole fiasco. Poor guy. Las Vegas ruined these quaint little Canadians. The worst part is, really, all Katie did was get back the money she initially lost. She still can’t go to the college she wants, and now she has no boyfriend either. That is what we call failure, Katie.

K: Womp, womp. I know Degrassi has been recycling its story lines, but you know we’ll still be complaining about it along the way. New episodes will premiere in February, see you then!

D: Take care, and remember, kids: You can’t survive without food. It’s dangerous!

Watching Buffy as a First Timer- Season 6!

The expression of Buffy’s face above describes the way I felt about season 6 as a whole: dull and lifeless. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a complete fail. There are some gems such as musical-fanastical episode “Once More, With Feeling.” (I still haven’t decided if I prefer this episode over Scrubs’ “My Musical”.) It took me almost a month to watch this season due to being busy with fall TV. I found season 6 more lackluster than season 4, but let’s get on with a recap!

Buffy is resurrected from the grave! Thank goodness, because no one wants to see Dawn, the Vampire Slayer. (More like Yawn, AM I RIGHT?) But seriously, Dawn still has not grown on me as a character. She’s just the whiny, typical ‘you’re ruining my life’ teenager. The only moment I found her endearing was in the finale when she helped Buffy fight those dirt demons.

Tara is another character I didn’t care too much about (I actually skipped through any scenes of her and Dawn together), but it was sweet when her and Willow made up. Unfortunately, Tara was shot by Warren, and Willow spiraled out of control into crazy witch mode. Magic was her addiction, and she relapsed badly. 

Also, let talk about how Johnathan, Andrew and Warren were apart of a major season arc. Warren was introduced last season, while Andrew was only introduced this season. We all know Johnathan from previous seasons at Sunnydale, but his character is better in small doses. (Although, I was a big fan of that ridiculous Johnathan themed episode back in season 4.) The Trio, is what they call themselves, seem to serve as comic relief, as the doofy nerds who want hot girls to notice them. Not long after, they actually pursue this seriously as the villains of the season. The Trio is about one pocket protector away from being extras as the stereotypical nerds from Saved By the Bell. This arc dragged out until the final 2 episodes, after Buffy and Tara were shot. Then Willow got all cray! Then I was interested again!

Also, another sucky thing about this season: Giles is missing for almost all of it. I don’t know where Anthony Head was going, but Giles had to go back to London. He returns at the end of the season, fighting against her dark magic and bring her back to the light. Also, Anya and Xander get married… nevermind they don’t. I hope they get back together by next season! Also, Riley returns for 1 episode (UGH), thank goodness it was just once. You all know how much I enjoyed his character.

Things I liked about this season: Jeff Kober, Clem (he wants to rent The Wedding Planner) and all the Spike a girl could ever ask for. OH MY GOD THERE WAS SO MUCH SHIRTLESS SPIKE. But yes, Spike and Buffy started off a lust-filled sextastic relationship. They keep it a secret, since the rest of the Scoobies really aren’t that fond of him. Tara walks in on them accidentally, but keeps they’re secret until it’s out later in the season. Spike loves Buffy, but Buffy says she doesn’t care for him like that. (YEAH RIGHT.) Spuffy shippers must love this season. In the finale, Spike goes to Africa…. to get his soul back. That should get a tagline- Need a Soul? Come to Africa!

Well ladies and gents, we are almost at the end. I am hoping to enjoy the seventh and final season more than this one. May we end with some photos?

Look! The ugly bridesmaid dresses! I hope Clem didn’t see this in The Wedding Planner.

Giles fight!

Correction: THIS was my favorite moment of the season.

Anya- Girllllllll what are you wearing?

My current ichat icon. I’m also surprised that it’s not one of the shirtless Spike ones. (Oh, I have plenty of those.)

Not great, but Willow’s wardrobe approved.

This was Buffy in her J.Lo phase.

GOD so many turtlenecks.

Not appropriate camp counselor attire. No wonder she works in a fast food joint!

Barbed wire chic.

I would have thought Tara opened up a monastery with that outfit!

Yes, Dawn in a Foxy Brown t shirt. WHAT UP?

And now here is the montage of shirtless Spike:

Like you’re not into that, Buffster.

Hey Now approved.

Naked Spike!

I’ll let everyone insert their own caption here.

See you in season 7!

Switched at Birth- “Street Noises Invade the House”

Firstly, let me apologize for my insanely late reviews. I know the season finale was almost a week ago, but I’ve been lagging behind and getting caught up in other life events, such as seeing Rush in concert. (It was awesome, be jealous.) But hence, I am here and ready to discuss Switched at Birth’s fall finale!

Let’s talk about what happened in the photo above: Why does Chef Jeff look like he was just punched in the face? CAUSE HE WAS! This episode starts off with a gleeful Daphne gazing at her birth control like it’s a damn wedding ring. I thought she might have slept with Chef Jeff after the previous episode, but perhaps she was just getting prepared. I guess that was good thinking on her part? (I still think she did. Chef Jeff certainly would!) Daphne’s skip-to-my-loo attitude doesn’t last long-she is being questioned by the owner of Maize. If she confesses, she won’t lose her job, but Chef Jeff will most likely lose his. She saves Jeff’s ass- for now, at least. But Chef being the dick that he is, breaks Daphne’s heart with the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” bullshit no girl wants to hear. Emmett sort of suggests (the way Daphne perceived it, at least) that is they don’t work together, they could be together. So, she quits her job so she can be with the love of her life! Or not…

That situation just makes Chef Jeff look even worse. She tells Regina, who is upset that she quit her great job and disapproves of her relationship. She spills the beans to Angelo, who is furious, goes to Maize and decks him in the face! At least Angelo is proving that he wants to be a father to the girls- especially in his hearing, saying that he could not make up for all the years that he lost, not getting to know his daughter. It was really a genuinely heartbreaking moment, which is why I was drawn to this show to begin with. Now Angelo can be the father-5 million dollars richer.

Now, the Bay/Zarra storyline: Can I get a hey now that Zarra is most definitely gone? THANK YOU. I’m pretty sure I hated this storyline over the Daphne/Chef Jeff one. Bay was just trying to rebel against her parents, being the street artist she wants to be! I like the street artist, but bringing Zarra into the mix was drama I don’t want! There was nothing endearing about her tough chick character who lives in a van (probably down by the river) who is just bad news. Her dad is an artist, who is supposedly working with someone super famous, and it would be a great opportunity for the girls to work with him too. The thing is, it’s in Mexico, and Zarra has no exact idea on where he is. Smart dad John tracked Bay’s phone, found them along with Emmett. (Kathryn called him after trying to find out where Bay was off to.) Zarra splits, Bay and Emmett have a moment that gives our shipping hearts future hope.

Random Remarks:

-One of my favorite moments this episode was when Bay was upset she didn’t say goodbye to Daphne.Their bond is so strong, they are basically sisters.

-Bemmett makes me happier than Daphne and the pill.

-More Travis in season 2! I want to know more about him. Same for Toby!

-Speaking of Toby, he is the one to point out to Regina that Angelo’s money is also her money. Hey Now!

-I’m happy to see John’s character grow. I hated him when the series started, but now I am in love with him.

-Switched will return in January and is pairing it off with Bunheads! I will be doing my best by reviewing them both.