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The Vendors at Senshi Matsuri 2013

What would be a con without vendors? I thought this needed its own post since the vendors at Senshi Matsuri were unique - they were independent artists, designers, or online stores catering to the fandom.

Everyone had really nice, high quality stuff!


Hitomi is a vendor specializing in colored contact lenses, eyelashes, bows, and fukus.


Lil Hevn was selling trinkets ranging from earrings to plush onigiri!



There was something for everyone!



This booth, Hikari wo Sagasu, had lots of japanese themed trinkets ranging from silver earrings to origami hair pins and clips. These girls were really sweet and I bought a pretty pair of earrings that remind me a bit of Sailor Pluto’s staff. Looking back, I wish I bought an origami hair pin as well.




All of their stuff is available online I’m told, so maybe I will eventually get an origami rose hair pin.

Did you buy anything interesting from any of the booths at Senshi Matsuri?

Surrender those wallets! Posable Sailor Moon dolls are on the way.

Over at this great website called TOMOPOP I found this great news:

Surprise: the biggest announcement from Tamashii Nation 2012 has come one day early. Bandai has the Sailor Moon license and they’re going to be dropping a poseable Sailor Moon on us. Now, to be honest, I’d heard recently that this was possible pending licensing issues being sorted out, but that looks to be the case, folks. So yeah, all that wishing you’ve done has come true.

No word yet on pricing, a release date or such, or even which line it’s a part of yet (S.H. Figuarts or D-Arts), but I would suspect it’ll be 2013 since we appear to have at least a colored prototype. Whether or not we get the rest of the main senshi/scouts probably depends on sales … my gut feeling is that won’t be a problem.

There is some speculation (as seen on the TOMOPOP page) that there isn’t an official announcement of dolls for the other Senshi, but looking at the photo, one can catch a glimpse of a Chibi and images of the other scouts so I’ll bet Bandai will be on board for making at least all of the Inner Senshi. This prototype looks much better than the original dolls we were all ‘blessed’ with by Irwin and Bandai in the early 90s. I consider this more of a figurine than a doll or a toy, really. This doesn’t look like a toy, but rather an acknowledgement from the corporate aspect of Sailor Moon that knows the fanbase has grown up and are now adults who support the franchise. I suspect these dolls will start popping up in collector’s shops and toy stores alike.

Sailor Moon gets a box set!!

Before continuing on with more New York Comic Con related posts(such as some interviews with cosplayers and my hands-on time with Assassin’s Creed Liberation) I wanted to talk about the new box set slated for release just in time for the holidays on November 20th. On the 13th, Kodansha announced the release of a very nice box set containing volumes 1-6. It will contain stickers and the mangas. This is fantastic for a gift or as a quick way to snap up the first 6 books for those of you who haven’t. Early birds - you’re out of luck. When asked if they would release the box alone for those who have the first volumes the response was a simple “no.” Dallas Middaugh made sure to follow up with a reasonable explanation - he mentioned that books go through several print runs and so those of us who have volumes 1-6 may have sets of books from different runs. The content of a book from 1st print to 2nd print will be identical; however, the paper used may be slightly different, or the trim size may be off by a hair. What this means for those of us who would like this cute box for our books is this: the books simply would not fit in the box because they are not all from the print run that this box was designed to cover.

I’m sure plenty of you will be buying this just as a collectors item to keep in the shrink wrap - right?

I’ll be back soon with interviews with folks just like you from NYCC and my opinions on Asssassin’s Creed: Liberations.

You can pre-order this box set on Amazon for a fantastic price of $39.90. That’s 39% off of the list price of $65.94.