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Go Go Curry 3rd location! Celebrate with 55 cent curry!!!


One of my favorite foodie spots is opening their third location this month.  Find your way down to 2 John Street, New York, NY 10038 at 10:55am on February 25th, 2013. The first 555 guests get 55 cent medium sized curry plus 5 topping coupons to use on future visits.

You can check out my original review here.


You should really like their facebook page here.


This week I ventured to Sapporo(no, not the alcoholic beverage) which is a fantastic noodle shop not very far from Rockefeller Center. The prices are good and the food is worth a lot more than they charge. There is also a communal feeling inside when you realize you have a huge box of chopsticks to share between yourself and whoever is seated next to you. If you’re alone, or just want to feel like you’re in a noodle shop in Japan - you can sit on a stool and watch the flames dance to the ceiling from under well oiled woks while skilled cooks look on without fear.

To my knowledge there are two locations; however, I have only been to this one. I only know of the second location because I needed Yelp to help me remember where this Sapporo was. I took plenty of pictures of the menu and the address so no one can get lost going there anymore.

There are plenty of dishes to order, but I always order ramen because I am afraid switching things up. I ordered Curry Ramen and Gyoza dumplings and both were delicious. The curry has the signature taste of Japanese curry, but since this is a soup - it lacks the thick creaminess of the curry at Go!Go!Curry! and that is fine by me. The Curry Ramen contains shredded pork, green onions, and lots of ramen. The Gyoza dumplings are what I would have expected - but the dipping sauce was more than I suspected. It appears to be simple soy sauce, but it had a tangy taste that encourages me to just break into their storeroom in the wee hours of night… or I could just ask the head chef what the sauce contains. The first option seems more adventurous! In addition to great dumplings, there are toppings to be added to each dish for a small sum of money.

The menu is possibly my favorite part of the Sapporo experience. There are certain dishes that have been selected as the best deal or the best taste by the main cook - these dishes are accompanied by a chibi caricature image of an asian man with glasses and bright orange hair. It took me a few visits to realize this is what the supervising cook actually looks like! He can be seen wandering from the back to the front of the kitchen area looking over what is being prepared throughout the night. He really does have bright dyed hair despite being an older man - which is very cool in my book. 

If you have any reason to be in the area - visiting the Grand Concourse, the Observation Deck, Rockefeller Center, or even watching a live filming of a Fox Business show; you really need to check out Sapporo. It also makes a great date with a special someone if you’re watching your money a bit!