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Mad Men: Or How I Learned To Start Watching Again Because Of Kevin Rahm



Unlike our resident Mad Men fan Amanda who has a great relationship with the series I have one that has been rocky to say the least. Mad Men is like an estranged significant other in my world. The breakup wasn’t bad, we just kind of left it as is and moved on, but I still check up on it from time to time. Mad Men was my favorite show until it’s fourth season, my Sunday night would be devoted to the series, (as was True Blood, but that’s a story for another day.) After a while my heart was discontent with the series. I fell out of love with the characters and the story lines. I would still peek to see what was going on but I decided I wouldn’t come back to it, and it was heart breaking because I loved it so as evidenced here: 

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Being all ‘Conned’ Out – Is it possible to get tired of the same convention?

I was having a discussion over some BBQ ribs at a restaurant this week when someone at the table mentioned this year may be his last New York Comic Con and Otakon. Incredulous, I demanded an explanation and he said that conventions only change so much from one year to the next – they’re basically the same from year to year. My understanding is that he is talking about that rush one gets when they hit up a con for the first time and can’t decide what they want to look at because everything is new and exciting. He said that he wasn’t retiring from visiting conventions – only taking a break from going to the same con he has been to every year since the beginning of time. He has never been to any of the PAX conventions so those have made it to the priority of his list along with San Diego Comic Con. I can understand where he is coming from; he wants to get out there and explore new horizons without becoming bored of the concept of convention attendance. I’ve also noticed this same sentiment among some of the girls at The Daily Hey Now. They’re a bit bored and want to hit up conventions somewhere else in the U.S. Now, I’m someone who tends to frequent the same each year and every time I get that same rush of excitement. Why only me? I think it is because I am a cosplayer. Each year the convention experience changes for me simply because of what I am wearing. I noticed this when I wore a Sailor Mars costume two years in a row. The first year was very exciting and people immediately recognized my character. I was Sailor Mars. The second year, people actually recognized me from the year prior and to an extent, I’d say less people were interested. They were the ones who were bored of me. Now this year I’ve got two new costumes so I’ll have different experiences at the same convention just because of a change of clothes. For each cosplay, there is a whole fan base of people who are interested in that particular show and character. Depending on how popular the source of the cosplay is – my experience at a convention or public event is totally different and this keeps each New York Comic Con filled with excitement regardless of it being ‘the same old con.’ What do you think about this? 

Some Thoughts on Cougar Town

All throughout season 3, Cougar Town’s renewal has been a mystery. First, the regular seasoned  episodes were cut down to 15, from a regular 22. Then, it didn’t even premiere till March, in a terrible time slot (8:30 Tuesday nights, with a lead-in from Tim Allen sitcom, Home Improv….. err Last Man Standing). With low ratings, fans were skeptical that it would survive to see a season 4. Luckily, TBS has picked it up for January 2013 and I think it will do just fine there. If it’s able to maintain the same ratings from ABC, it’ll be considered a hit.

Ratings are not what they used to be, and I think we need to accept that fact. Most people aren’t watching live TV anymore. DVR’s and Hulu streaming don’t count according to the Nielsen’s. Not everyone works a 9-5, goes home and puts TV on to watch a show live at 8pm. Times are different.

But I digress, this post is more for my love for Cougar Town. It’s one of those shows that is delightful and heart breaking at the same time. Grayson’s proposal to Jules was such an EEEEEE sweet moment. The mini Scrubs reunion was filled with such random fun. The fact that Dan Byrd had to wear a helmet through half the season because he wouldn’t cut his hair was downright HILARIOUS. They killed the cougar when Barb married Mayor Barry Bostwick! Also, Coopering should be a thing.

I could name so many memorable lines and moments from this season, but the double episode finale was filled with so much fun. A homage to the great Groundhog Day followed by a beautiful wedding was such a great end to a fantastic season. Just to recap a bit: Jules and Grayson decide to elope in Napa Valley with just them. In Jules’ mind, just them meant the whole Cul de sac crew. Grayson is upset at first, but realizes that this is what makes Jules happy, so he’s happy. The only thing missing: Grayson’s daughter Tampa Jill. The problem- Tampa Jill’s mom is on the no fly list, and Tom is unable to fly with a baby who is not his child. Jules calls off the wedding and schedules it back home because she knows how much Tampa Jill means to Grayson. They have an illegal/quick beach wedding which results in the happily married couple to ride off the beach on horseback. I hope my wedding is as perfect as that.

Some other things i want to bring up: the Laurie/Travis relationship. On the show, they are about 10 years apart which seems like a lifetime. There’s no denying that Busy Phillips and Dan Byrd have chemistry, but I don’t think their relationship could work. I thought that they would have kissed and later decided that it wasn’t a good idea. Travis has done some embarrassing things, as well as put into awkward situations with not just Laurie, but the whole crew. Laurie’s spirit may college-esque, but she is an adult who has her own business. Travis needs a few years to grow into adulthood.

My only complaint about the finale is Ellie’s excessive flirting with Daniel, the concierge at the hotel. i can’t be the only one who found this weird. Why was Andy letting it happen, even though he made it known it wasn’t okay? Maybe I’m looking into it too much, but it didn’t work for me. Is David Arquette that charming?

Another minor complaint: Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel not returning as the show’s showrunners. They will still be involved with the show, but I’m just hoping it won’t lose the Lawrence feel. Here’s to welcoming new Cougar Town showrunner Ric Swartzlander (8 Simple Rules, Gary Unmarried) to the cul de sac crew.

Goodbye Kevin Pereira! Hello Blair Herter? Why Blair Herter Should Step in As The New Co-Host of G4’s ‘Attack of the Show’


by Cam Arruda 

Next Friday, an era will have successfully come to a close as Kevin Pereira will have finished his final episode of G4’s Attack of the Show as co-host. Pereira has been the face of the series for its entire run, and has even shuffled through a number of female co-hosts throughout his reign. Now, there will be a large gap left to fill at the side of Candace Bailey, and the biggest question is just who will step in.

The co-hosts could be really anyone, even another female should the series choose to take that bold new direction. But, to properly balance out perspectives, it’s likely that the show will choose another male to fill Kevin’s place. While this doesn’t sound exactly like a big deal, it is when you consider the male on-screen talent. While a rotating number of women have been at the side of Kevin over the years filling in for when Olivia Munn or even Sarah Lane were sick, the same really can’t be said for when Kevin has been on vacation. Who can replace the man responsible for spearheading the conversations and keeping the hour at a grounded and focused pace, all while making us laugh and completely entertained in the process? 

What’s likely to follow after Kevin’s departure will be another long and arduous process just like the same that occurred before Candace was initially offered the co-host gig. This means we’ll likely be subject to numerous talent alongside Bailey as the months go on until an official announcement is made. But…what if G4 is willing to promote from within? While Sarah Underwood would be a good replacement, again I stress the importance of balancing out male and female perspective. But, which man could step up? Diane and I have discussed the topic in length before, and really we’ve come to only one conclusion: Blair Herter.

Now, the biggest problem lies in the fact that Herter is currently set with X-Play duties. Ever since Adam Sessler’s quick and unexplained leave in April, it seems that Herter is the new male lead of X-Play. In a lot of ways, if Herter were to leave a similar situation would likely develop over there as well. However, X-Play is filmed in advance and only airs three days out of the week for a 22 minute series. Could Herter balance out two jobs? Quite possibly. So, let’s just go on the notion that Herter would take the co-hosting job at AOTS.

This past Wednesday’s episode really gave us a different tone to Blair’s filling in as host due to the fact that it was his first time doing so since Kevin’s announcement. So granted, the thought of exactly who would be replacing Kevin definitely coincided when Blair was in the spotlight. And honestly? He’s good. The reason why Herter makes the perfect replacement is for various reasons. For starters, he has both the same comedic timing and yet completely serperate brand of comedy from Kevin. What Kevin does best is hit the best moments to make jokes and facial expressions that can even make Candace laugh. Blair can do the same exact thing, which can’t exactly be said for the other male co-hosts who have paired up with Bailey. But, Blair’s humor feels like something else entirely compared to Kevin’s. While we’ve become very used to Kevin’s style of comedy, Blair’s feels like a mix not only of Kevin’s own laughs,but something original as well.

The only problem in that department is that Blair takes a foot when you give him an inch. One of the greatest things Kevin can do in any situation is tell a joke, and yet still keep the show on schedule and on task. Though he’ll crack jokes, he’ll always be sure to keep the hour in line when going into different sections of the episode, and he knows when to be serious. Blair, on the other hand, didn’t really do that on Wednesday. One of the most noticeable aspects of this also ties into another problem: his interviewing skills. While Herter can do great pre-taped one-on-one interviews, he didn’t exactly shine when Danielle Panabaker came on to talk about Piranha 3DD. While we do all agree that it’s guaranteed to be a crappy movie, you shouldn’t exactly point it out. You should make each guest plug their product to the best of your ability, and convince the audience that what said guest is plugging should be interesting enough to go see. What Herter did the other night was essentially call Piranha 3DD shit (which I’ll be honest, we all want to anyways), and focused rather on Panabaker’s personal life rather than the movie she was there to promote. The show, and even the network, survives on plugs from various companies and studios and no matter how big or small the brand, each deserves the same amount of respect. The interview certainly took a very weird turn when Herter moved on from the film after only 2 minutes or so and never went back. While it may not be interesting to you, you should at least pretend that it’s interesting and not insult your guest at least.

As Diane pointed out to me, however, interview skills are something that can be learned over time.

Another large component that Herter succeeds at happens to be his chemistry with Candace. We’ve seen that when putting someone next to the energetic and often bubbly female, there has to be some great appeal in your on-screen partnership. DVDuesday is nearly painful to watch nowadays as Chris Gore and Candace on-screen together certainly feels like an odd combo that even Chris himself has described on-air as “awkward”. In order for an audience to enjoy themselves, the hosts must be doing the same as well. With Candace and Kevin you get that feeling of enjoyment, and that’s even carried over when Sara is entered into the mix of multiple instances. It’s clear that Candace easily laughs with Blair, and his similar humor styles make that easy to do so. With a relationship akin to the one we regularly see, it would certainly make the transition nearly seamless.

Let’s face it, though: there will never be another Kevin. When he departs next Friday, a large history of AOTS that has stood tall for over seven years will go along with it. The series will enter an all-new era which will be in the hands of hosts that have only been around in a regular capacity as early as last January. Still, it’s with the final days of Kevin’s run, and even this recent absence of the host for a day, it feels as if we’ve come to accept his soon to be departure. While the full effect has yet to be reached, Pereira’s farewell is a well deserved one. For years now, the man has been able to entertain an excited audience who come home from work or school and tune in to escape for an hour. While whether or not Blair Herter, Matt Mira, Sara Underwood, Kristin Adams, or even an all-new talent from outside the company steps into his shoes, they will certainly be some massive shows to fill.

Who do you think should replace Kevin? Is Blair Herter the right man for the job, or is tearing him away from X-Play too much of a chore? Let us know!

R.I.P. Eugene J. Polley

Earlier this week, we lost someone very dear to the television world- Eugene J. Polley, inventor of the wireless remote control. He worked as an engineer for the Zenith Company for 47 years. Zenith had created a device similar that was not portable (which was called “Lazy Bones”, very punny), but Polley perfected it as the remote we all have today.

Here at The Daily Hey Now we just wanted to remember someone who has definitely made a difference in the technology world. Right now, Saved By the Bell: The College Years is on my TV, and won’t change it because the remote is on the other side of the room. Thank you for that, Mr. Polley.

11 Rules to a Successful Korean Drama: The Sequel

Screencaps, you are my hellacious cyst. But since you guys enjoyed the first round, I decided to bring it back for a second spin.

1. Single Parents are Korea’s Dating Goldmine

What’s sexier than a dead mother? Something about this equates to a hardship that makes a woman humble and naïve, as if she were raised by a school of puppies. Personally I would think there’d be more of a proclivity to become a complete jerk, but I also watch a lot of Teen Mom. (I swear I’m an adult…)

Now two kids with single parents? That’s star-crossed Shakespearean porno right there.


2. Disguises


A pair of large sunglasses, a wig and whoooaaa, invisibility cloak!

Though a tip: Girl, your hair color will never match the synthetic hair so put that wig cap on or you be lookin’ a damn fool.

3. Ally McBeal Syndrome*


These girls not only forget to eat but they basically sprain their ankle just making a cup of coffee. And then they yell at everyone else for their inability to function. Like infant amputees but with less swollen pouty lips. Girl power!

* Jon Bon Jovi not included

4. There are 3 high-pitched girls that hang around each other all the time like conjoined mutants sharing a brain


The middle girl at least has a bow or headband to make the head count easier.

There’s the evil triplets who scheme against the main character and the three backup maidens as her defense when she’s secretly hanging out with her main squeeze and needs an alibi.

5. Love and Baking Don’t Go Together


 Even though making a meal or chocolates for a guy you like is a tradition, it also seems a tradition to screw it up and then the guy has to take over and fix it. Are salt and sugar really that hard to separate? Frankly you’re lucky you can walk by yourself without dying (then again…)

6. Location, Location, Location


In order to be passionately in love, they’ve gotta be within sight at all times. Whether you’re moving into their house, next door or conveniently work at the same place, you need to pick a paramour who can save you the bus ticket.

7. White people are the rare, exotic desk lamps of Korea


Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

As a racially homogenous nation, it makes seeing boring ‘ol Euro-dominating white people like a Where’s Waldo treasure trove. Although they do exist, I wouldn’t want them getting major roles all that much. It’s the search that makes it fun and less ethnic backlash implications for accidental stereotypes.

Though girls who can easily masquerade as boys, that is a whole ‘nother pie.

8. Spousal abuse is not okay… unless it’s funny


Girls as slaves after losing a bet, guys getting roundhouse kicked in the face for being snarky, if it works, just break it. Luckily it operates equally for either gender, but it is slightly funnier when a girl is doing the hitting because she squeals like piglet trying to break open a pinata.

9. Are those guys…. together?


It’s not exactly bromance, but two guys that whenever you see them are always together wearing an earring or have a certain curling iron flair and have no lady friends.

Partners? Roommates? Batman and Robin?

10. Beaches = drowning, sexy times and watermelon


Are they ALWAYS going to the beach? Like they need to be secluded on a Lost-style island in order to get anyone together. And the main girl is always wearing more layers there than she is at school so it’s not about showing off her body, it’s about showing how well she can sink like a human paper weight. Baywatch bikinis are out, almost dying aquatically is in.

11. Mom! Dad! Are we… related?

Holy Marmalade Boy! Apparently the world is pretty small and kids these days are often caught in an accidental relationship with their future step siblings or someone who’s dad mac’d it with their mom in the Iron Maiden days. Seriously, you’d think all the parents go on the same cruise playing spin the bottle and doing jello shots off the lifeboats.

Alternate Notes:

- The United States is a barrier for relationships (or turns a boy into a man); it’s the puberty of traveling locals

- Sex is a blur of kissing in fully clothed pajamas and waking up two days later. It’s like a college party only less vomiting and regret!

- In a flashback, just add a big bow in her hair and she’s 15 not 40. Just put some bangs in his face, wrinkles, where?!

- Exams are ways to get dates or compete for dates. Grades are useless otherwise.

- Life ends with a sunset, a Mandy Moore song, or a huge jump 12 years in the future even though everyone looks exactly the same.

- All teen girls start off with skirts and sneakers, then they have Rebecca Minkoff clutches and walk-of-shame pumps.

- Why is it every time I turn around, I see him and there’s an electric guitar playing??

- Fighting!


The prequel:

The Laugh Track- Why is it Still Around?

It is kind of mind boggling to me that sitcoms with laugh tracks and live studio audiences still exist. I don’t think it belongs on today’s television. It’s very old school to me, very 1975. Hell, even SCOOBY DOO had a damn laugh track. I feel like I have to laugh at Sheldon’s joke about math on The Big Bang Theory. And maybe I don’t get it! Then I feel stupid.

                          I know you are silently judging me, Sheldon.

All of CBS’s comedies feature the laugh track or with a live studio audience. (We all know the average age of those viewers.) But they must be doing something right, right?? They always win in the ratings. (Or just a bunch of senior citizens sleeping while Rob! is on.)


                                This is the first google image result for Rob!

                   (Right behind Rob Pattinson, Rob Lowe and Rob McElhenney.)

I really don’t like any of these shows, so maybe that’s why the laugh track doesn’t work for me. Outside of How I met Your Mother, it could probably work without one. It doesn’t fit in with that lineup. More recently this season, we find out Robin is unable to have children. This is something we would see on Scrubs. Both shows know how to balance both funny and serious. I force myself to watch 2 Broke Girls because I really love the friendship between the two leads. I so badly want it to be better, but explaining those reasons are an article in itself. I’m pretty sure Two and a Half Men wouldn’t have a a serious storyline like that. (Especially after learning that a ghost Charlie will be played by FREAKING KATHY BATES? If I’m wrong, please tell me!) Mike and Molly, a comedy with two funny and charming leads, is just a show about fat jokes. If it’s on, I’ll force myself to count the fat jokes. (One time i counted 5 in 5 minutes. For realsies.)


                                   Fat people in love? HILARIOUS!

Other networks are taking a stab at the laugh track/live studio audience thing. Maybe it will get similar viewership? A very select few.

The Whitney/Are You There Chelsea hour is hanging on, I guess for the people who can’t go to CBS for their comedies. Last Man Standing seems to be, um, standing well? (Remember the 90s? Everyone loved Tim Allen! Instead of 3 sons he gets 3 daughters! How crazy is THAT?) Of course it does not fit in with Cougar Town, but they had to put something in that time slot after the hurricane that was Work It. FOX also tried I Hate My Teenage Daughter, in a lineup that has no other laugh tracks whatsoever. That’s like putting it in the NBC Thursday night lineup.  It failed the same way Work It did, FOX recently cancelled it and isn’t even showing the rest of the episodes. Even TV Land has found success in this format in creating new shows such as Hot In Cleavland and The Exes.

        All thanks to Betty White, who is more badass than you ever will be!

To put it simply, if it’s not funny, I’m not going to laugh. YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!

Law & Order [Vintage]: Summon This Style

Costume design is inherently a big part of shows today, from Gossip Girl to American Horror Story (that’s not alphabetically correct but whatever). Maybe the Oscars won’t air them on prime time anymore, but we still give a shout out for sartorial sass.

Law & Order, hit show and hit drama. But let’s have them hit the runway. ::cue dub step soundtrack and fog machine::

Warning: I will not be held accountable for my use of cringe inducing language or puns.

Christian debutante meets makeshift turban! Who knew this combo could be so arresting?

Men were at work until they ran out of hit songs. Then the ladies came in and got the job done while keeping merino wool and just the right pearl earrings in mind.

You’ve obviously been listening to Madonna. Strike that pose with confidence!

Cameo by Beverly Johnson! Seriously, she looks so fabulous with her knotted headband and gold hoops, she could only be a model.

I promise, I will refrain from saying “drop dead gorgeous”. I have limits too. This kind of funeral hat is the kind I dream of for our Pretty Little Hats column (and for my head).

Proving Advanced Style is true in any decade, just because it’s your day in court doesn’t mean it’s all gray jumpsuits and oily hair.

Westchester Oompa Loompa hair aside, l am in love with this sweater. Just give it more of a Jackie Onassis update and it would be fabulous.

Werrrrq girl, you get to dress like this and get a pension? Sign me up.

Triple snap, head tilt, my work is done.

I Hate Award Shows.

As I sit here at my computer on this Sunday evening I glance over at my twitter feed and I realize that everyone and their grandmother is tweeting about The Oscars. What am I doing you ask? Watching The Walking Dead, chatting on the internet with people and not giving a damn about The Oscars. Don’t get me wrong, I will more than likely access the site tomorrow and see who won (or just check my twitter feed.) In any case award shows just don’t cut it for me anymore.

After years of watching everything I love get snubbed or robbed EVERY TIME, you just get tired and bored of seeing the same people win over and over again. Even The Golden Globes who weren’t terrible have fallen into the same trend of clique behavior that other award shows have over the years. I warn you all now this is an editorial and a full on rant, an opinion piece if you will. If you enjoy these things all the power to you but they are not my cup of tea. 

It took watching Jon Cryer beat NPH for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy during the Emmy’s a few years back that really got me disinterested in award shows in general. Shows that have critical love and are fabulous in every way imaginable seem to be constantly forgotten by the voters due to numerous factors. However these factors are usually the dumbest ones you can think of. Let’s start off with the most basic genre that lives in Snubsville: Science Fiction. Sure Lost won one year, but Lost was HUGE and on a network that wasn’t SyFy. Let’s forget the stigma of the D-Movie’s SyFy puts on occasionally and lets remember an amazing series they ran on their network in the last ten years. A show that created a new lingo for Frak sake! Battlestar Galactica, B-S- FRAKING G. One of the best shows of the last few years and has made numerous dream ballads. The cast was amazing the show itself  tackled philosophy, religion, equality everything that is smart and holy. The actors brought their A-Game every episode, the show was well written, the story lines never fell apart and the plots were good from point a to point b. Now I think to myself, “WOW! This show is brilliant.” I know that the show was nominated for Emmy’s in categories such as writing and sound mixing to name a few. But was it ever nominated as a show overall? No. Why? Who knows. Probably because we had to give the awards to the same show OVER and OVER and OVER.

Take for example last year Mad Men got it’s 3rd consecutive win. I’m not saying it didn’t deserve it, but there were other shows nominated in the category that were fresh and on point all season such as Game of Thrones. Why didn’t Game of Thrones win? It had everything a show usually needs to win. Cable network, big stars and lots of sex. It had everything but sticking with the usual is something award shows love hardcore. Had GoT been on a small network it probably wouldn’t have even been nominated. Being on a small network can also bring a certain sour taste to voters. Take a show like Veronica Mars. Sure the ratings sucked but the show was rocking the critical appeal since its pilot. Kristen Bell was fantastic in every episode and yet. No Emmy! No Golden Globe! Nothing.

My biggest concern with award shows and the reason I have a hate for them is that I just can’t watch something where the things I love are never nominated for anything because they are the wrong genre or on the wrong network. Harry Potter has never even seen a best picture nomination, but a similar movie Hugo won tonight, probably because it’s Martin Scorsese and he can make a movie about a plastic bag and it will win. Because award shows LOVE repetition. Heck I was shocked Bridesmaids was nominated for anything because Comedies are rarely ever acknowledged. I can’t watch award shows, they rile me up in side and I want to turn into a 3 year old on a tantrum whenever I set eyes on them. Maybe one day, someday, there will be full on equality on all award shows. Just because a show won before doesn’t mean it needs to win again, just because a director made good movies it doesn’t mean other movies in the same genre weren’t better because they we weren’t directed by him. One day Award Shows will peek my intrest like they do others but today is not that day. 

ETA: Leonardo never getting his rightful torphy’s WHAT UP WITH THAT? 

Okay I’m done now. 

The Devil’s Advocate: If I ever kill my husband for his real estate fortune, I want to be on Snapped

I’ve seen pretty much every episode during marathons that coincide with one my cleaning binges (or more commonly a lazy shame spiral). Though I love me some poorly chosen non-look-alikes for re-enactments on Deadly Women, Snapped is the all-time best lady crime show. Is the outcome and reason always the same? Oh definitely, that’s because a woman’s reason to murder is more statistically money, jealousy or an affair. That’s not sexism, that’s the human condition. And maybe Cosmopolitan, I didn’t consult real statistics. Though there are some stray cases that are crazy different (and innocent!), but for the most part, guilty crazy ladies.

Unlike a lot of crime shows, you don’t spend the whole time staring at some host trying to walk through an empty brick building or a foggy marsh. But like the 80s, there are loud transitions, blurry flashbacks of a hand picking up a phone and a slideshow of the same 3 photos of a woman.

For all of the sketchiness, it’s a very thorough show. There are interviews by crime analysts, the attorneys, family members, reporters, even the accused or almost murdered. They give a complete picture of the woman from childhood up until the event and then the trial (ended with whatever appeals they’re making and if there are any children, who they ended up with).

It’s much more immersive than a news article, to get a better visual picture with camera shots of the hometown [the whole metropolitan area], the personality of everyone involved and the motivations leading to the murder.

My mom hates me because now she’s addicted.