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5 Spoilers from Dallas 2.05 “Trial and Error”


(Photo Courtesy of TNT) 

When we last left off on Dallas, the Ewing’s were facing yet another apocalypse when Bobby took the fall for his good wife Anne and confessed to shooting Harris. Anne was feeling guilt for poor Bobby taking the fault for shooting Harris, who by all means deserved it. Elsewhere Elena’s brother was off doing scheming things and Cliff made sure Pamela didn’t go to jail for killing Tommy Sutter, who quite frankly also deserved it, by allowing for his “son that he never had” and ultimate backstabber Frank to kill himself in court while confessing to Tommy’s death.

On tomorrow nights episode “Trial and Error” we pick up where we left off last week and  here’s 5 Super Spoilery tid bits about the episode under the cut. Read at your own risk! 

"Trial and Error" – Monday, February 18, 9 p.m. (ET/PT)

Ryland continues his onslaught of Ann, exposing secrets from her past that threaten to destroy her. Meanwhile, John Ross’ plot to take over Ewing Energies solidifies; Christopher changes tactics with Pamela Barnes; and an enemy from the Ewings’ past resurfaces.

  • "Good morning!" "That’s probably the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me." Is the beginning of  a conversation between two unlikely people that will set in motion a pretty interesting feud between father and son. 

  • There’s a time jump. 
  • A reunion of sorts takes place between a couple, but we aren’t exactly sure of one of their motives. 
  • A decision on Anne’s fate will be made. 
  • John Ross and JR team together to get Ewing Energies back in their grasp despite, despite the fact that JR once again one ups poor old John Ross. 

Dallas Airs tomorrow night on TNT at 9PM (ET/PT)

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