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Watching Buffy as a First Timer- Season 7!

So, I’ve reached the end of my journey, much sooner than I thought I would. (Thanks, influenza!) It was only 6 months ago that I introduced myself to Buffy and the gang, meeting various demons and vamps along the way. I laughed, I cried, I sang. Let us go through our final recap, shall we?

This season mostly deals with all the potential slayers being trained by Buffy. (And also, they all live in her house.) Buffy’s resurrection caused problems, like it has in the past. (Remember Faith? She’s back this season too!) Some potential slayers were harmed by a man named Caleb (Nathan Fillion, with a southern accent in tact), a young preacher who uses his religious ways to lead a cult called The Bringers. They see God as The First. Of course! He raises an army by the name of Turok-Han, which the gang battles off in the quite epic finale.

Andrew and Jonathan are still hanging around, well Andrew at least. Jonathan dies after The First convinces him to open The Seal of Danzalthar. Andrew seems to stick around for the rest of the season as light comic relief, but I don’t find him so funny. Well, maybe except in his daydreaming:

Also, the gang holds Andrew hostage, because that seemed necessary. Back to the important stuff of the season: Sunnydale was rebuilt, and Buffy was hired as a counselor! (At least for a little while…) The new Principal Wood seems like he might be evil at first, but he just happened to be the son of the first slayer, whom Spike happened to kill. He just wanted his revenge on Spike after losing his mother as a young boy. Buffy convinces him not to kill Spike, being that he has a soul and is not the same man he used to be.

Xander and Anya reconcile one last time (or 2) before Anya is killed in battle, as she became human earlier this season. Giles is also mostly in this season (yay!) which automatically makes this better from the previous season. Without Giles around, there is no adult wise enough to keep everyone in line. I’ve always enjoyed the father/daughter relationship between Buffy and Giles.

Another big part of the end of season 7 is Faith’s return. (Yo, B!) When Buffy is away, Faith takes all the potentials out to The Bronze since they’ve been working so hard. When Buffy comes home to an empty house, she is furious. This causes the potentials to vote on Faith as their new leader. Spike sticks up for her, pointing the the many times she has saved everyone’s lives. Buffy returns after facing Caleb on her own, and everyone puts their differences aside for the big battle.

Angel also returns in the finale (hey now!) with an amulet, a necklace that Spike uses to swallow the Hellmouth and destroying Sunnydale. Buffy and Angel share a kiss, but she feels bad for doing it. Spike also overlooks it, which pisses him off quite a bit, after their sweet cuddle sesh! Before he dies, Buffy tells Spike she loves him, but his reply is, “no you don’t, now get out.” Buffy escapes in time, while catching up to the rest of the gang on their schoolbus better than Tom Cruise would in Mission: Impossible. Dawn asks Buffy what they do now (SHUT UP DAWN, YOU ALL SURVIVED), but Buffy just smiles. Show over!

That was quite a ride. I think you all know I am a big fan of the show. (It took over my life, I think.) I am going to briefly name my top 5 best and worst characters, since I think I write too much sometimes anyway. On the the best:

1) Spike

2) Buffy

3) Giles

4) Willow

5) Cordelia

I almost forgot about Cordy, she’s been gone since the 3rd season, but she had to be included as one of my early favorites (and also the late 90s fashion). Giles, another favorite, glad to have him back in the final season, as I said earlier. Both Buffy and Willow are strong female characters I wished I looked up to when the series first came out. As for my number 1, Spike is probably the most developed, most interesting character the series has the offer. Marsters just illuminates the screen every time he appears. Also, him being naked for most of it helps.

Stop seducing me!

And now for the worst:

1) Riley

2) Dawn

3) Warren/Andrew

4) Drusilla

5) Tara

I almost put Dawn at number 1, but then I remembered the bland, vanilla faced Riley. After the interesting relationships with Angel and Spike, zero chemistry was had with Riley. Now Dawn. I still don’t like her character, she just added nothing to the series for me. I also don’t get how her and Buffy are sisters. Maybe a stork dropped her off and told Joyce it was hers. I said in my season 6 recap that I didn’t care for the trio, so I put Warren and Andrew as one, cause they were basically the same. I left Jonathan out of this one cause I didn’t really mind him much, especially since he’s been a regular side character since season 2. Spike’s love, Drusilla, I almost forgot about her too, but then remembered through an old Spike flashback. Tara I didn’t really hate, she was just bland.

So there we have it! I plan on continuing my WB shows I haven’t seen, and the next one will be: Popular! I purchased the dvds, and also it’s 2 seasons. (And because I know if I start Dawson’s Creek it will engulf my life.) I leave you with a series of screen caps, of course!

No wonder Buffy was fired as a counselor.

Anya was an extra in The Partridge Family.

Some guest appearances: Tool Time’s son!

Millie from Freaks and Geeks!

Felicia Day, looking like an extra in a Bob Marley parody video.

Flashback Anya is a snazzy dresser.

Worst Dressed.

Ashanti makes an appearance in an episode. 2003 had to be a good year for her.

Flashback Spike!

Buffy was an extra in a Britney Spears video.

Preachers don’t look like this, be warned!

All Rona wore were overalls. What was her deal?

And some Angel for the end. Time to start Firefly before my boyfriend breaks up with me!

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