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Watching Buffy as a First Timer- Season 5!

I know I apologized for being late in my last article, but I am going to continue my sorry streak. I finished season 5 about a month ago, but haven’t had the time to give my own personal recap, and I may be a bit rusty. Due to the hurricane, I am confined to my home and I have no more excuses. Now, Buffy has a younger sister, Joyce dies and Buffy and Giles are now back in action with the Watcher’s Council this season!

Let’s get down to the best part of this season: RILEY IS GONE! He did not die, but fortunately he left us halfway through the season. He is out of the way so we can make room for Spike! My heart still flutters for Angel, but Spike is an excellent replacement. I can say both Angel and Spike are my favorite vamps next to The Count from Sesame Street. I mean, does anyone really hate Spike? He’s just cocky and charming at the same time. Who doesn’t find this attractive?

                                     4 out of 5 hey nows agree!

Also, Buffy has a sister? Since when now? Everyone is aware of her existence like she has been there the entire time! I know my man Joss wouldn’t leave those questions unanswered…. or would he? One thing we do know is that Dawn is known as The Key, a mystical object that was transformed to a human form, sent to Dawn for Buffy’s protection against the evil god Glory. Let me just say, Glory puts on her best crazy bitch face throughout the whole season.

                          LOOK AT HER! SHE WILL EAT YOUR FACE!

She is the most powerful of the hell gods, that it ain’t easy to kill her! She captured her soul inside of human Ben, who works at the hospital. When Ben is acting a little cray, that’s Glory controlling his body. She kidnaps Dawn upon learning that she is The Key, but is slowly growing weaker as the season is going on. Once she turns back to Ben, Giles kills him, which means the death of Glory as well. Buffy also stopped the apocalypse from happening by risking her own life to save Dawn, her friends and he world! (Really, how many times can Buffster die?) Though this is her job as the slayer, as the first slayer’s message said, “Death is your gift.”

Now, for the most heartbreaking moment of the season- Joyce’s death. When I heard she had a brain tumor, I knew I would be super sad to see her die. Midway through the season, she had a brain aneurysm and was found dead on he couch. Joyce’s pale face said it all- The moment Buffy realized her mother was gone was such a sad moment.

I don’t want to end this blog post on a sad note, so let’s have some photo ops, shall we?

        We are out of the 90s, but there are still many bad fashion moments.

              Xander and Willow never disappoint with their bad taste.

                      Damn, Xander. How did Anya say yes to this?

                               Willow, that sweater GIRLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  We also get some Harmony as well, her and Anya are great comic reliefs.

                      Dawn is sporting this denim ga-vomit jacket.

No wonder her and Xander are meant to be. Cordy would not be caught dead in that.

                                OH THE FLOPPY HATS. Kengal, perhaps?

                1700s Spike looks more like David Bowie than Billy Idol.

                                     1700s Angel is so comical.

                                           Speaking of comical….

                                          Some Spike in your life.

                     Joyce, darling, I wish your dress died instead of you.


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