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Five Random Reasons Why I Love Lost Girl

This is another special episode of “it’s all Diane’s fault” which is usually about half my life long. But there was no hesitation, just waiting for the right time and place until I was ready to whisper sweet nothings in the back of that Burger King parking lot. I’m normally not into the whole supernatural genre, I even got tired of the HBO version of True Blood (come on Sookie, food won’t hurt you), but this show just warms my strong bones and brittle everything else.

And sorry these caps suck, working with Hulu clips to try to get hi-res. Let’s blame “the man” or whatever.

Sexuality does not require a special episode


Aside from the positive spin on open sexuality being a largely popular topic, I think it’s important that not-straight relationships are approached from an incredibly normal place. There are shows that do the discussion of coming out and dealing with sexuality and polyamorous relationships outside of the Noah’s Ark heteronormative initiative. But it’s great they don’t have to be crusaders for acceptance, they already accept that it’s not noteworthy, because there is a finite combination of people and they’re all out there. Sometimes more focus on the abnormality of sexuality increases the tension towards appearing out of the ordinary rather than alleviates it.

It would be great if it were shot from the masculine perspective as well (since bisexuality is relatively comfortable for women in our society yet taboo for men) but at least Bo isn’t suffering Katy Perry syndrome, she may be open to 2-girls-1-guy threesomes but she wants to get with each person involved in it.

Friends do not keep secrets


Usually when someone finds out a big deep dark truth reveal, they conceal it and it becomes a plot motivator just because said person found out. It’s also usually that the thing they’re hiding is not all that stimulating or why they would hide it in the first place seems to be a rather flimsy pretense.

But on Lost Girl, Bo is upfront that she has a special destiny or that she kindasorta kills Trick. She relies on the rationality of not knowing the whole truth and being cautious but not trying to hide all her cards under the table. And she always keeps her bestie in the loop.

People are actually surprised about surprising stuff


I know it’s TV and a certain air of detached composure is expected to maintain respect, but when people have the life sucked out of them, sometimes a little shock just has to happen. We don’t want you jumping like Looney Tunes cats who got their tails stepped on, but the characters can’t predict everything and a cool face does not suffice in replacement for a “holy shit!”

ADORABLE PEOPLE (+ lovely clothes)


A large reason I had to get into the show was goths were involved. I’m a sucker for leather (not a succubus, my jokes aren’t that bad). Which in turn also implies the clothing is off the chain, but you need the right people to make the clothes work too. The short version is OmgKenziIloveyou. The slightly more loquacious explanation would be I love tiny pale girls who are comfortable with cheesy puns, teenage slang and a penchant for yearning for thigh high boots. We should all be so comfortable in pink wigs.

Unlike pretty much any show I can think of, I don’t hate any of the characters. Lauren can be a little boring at times, which as a Lauren myself reminds me of a lame rhyming childhood nickname I don’t care to remember, but I don’t have any strong feelings against her. They’re all ridiculously funny and lovable to the point it could be nauseating but isn’t. I mean that body swap episode should be the worst as history serves and yet it’s one of the best.

Mentioning unicorns

I have a theory that all of my favorite shows mention unicorns at least once. For a laugh, a secret desire or a t-shirt, it’s always in there. Veronica Mars would agree with me. And they follow this pattern so that’s good ‘nuff.

So that’s my list. If you were in it for the laughs then I guess it sucks for you. Just don’t take it out on the show or Canadians.

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