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Community at Paley Fest!

Paley Fest is always held in Los Angeles, which I usually take as a disadvantage. Missing all these cool panels from my favorite shows makes me insanely jealous. Luckily living in New York City, the Paley Center New York (in association with New York Comic Con) held a good old fashioned Pep Rally, with trivia and amazing prizes such t-shirts, Ramen noodles and your very own human being. They also streamed streamed the event live (with some buffering but hey it’s all good.) Also as a treat hey showed us the new episode which returns March 15 on NBC. 

This coming episode is going to be awesome, maybe because its been it’s been off air for too long (yes, 3 months is too long), or that creator Dan Harmon and company are geniuses. This episode brings back the lovely Malcolm Jamal Warner as Shirley’s ex-husband/current boyfriend/father of her baby. That is a mouthful! But that is all I will say about that. Other non-spoiler things I can spoil for you:

-Troy and Abed acting normal! (What, they aren’t normal?)

-An appearance from Annie’s boobs! (I won’t tell you which one!)

-Pierce and Shirley work on a project together.

-You get to see what’s inside of Jeff’s heart. (Your mind will be blown!)

As for the panel, the cast never disappoints, from the moment they walked out on stage. Ken Jeong came out dancing (dude’s got swagger). We got flashed by Danny Pudi, and that proceeded for some other members to do something similar: Alison Brie attempted to lift up her skirt, looking confused, Oscar winner Jim Rash (which I think he should be addressed as for now on) started to remove his belt. Just a good ol’ fashioned time!

The panel was moderated by’s Alan Sepinwall, who is known for his excellent taste in television. The only cast members that were missing were Donald Glover and Chevy Chase. With or without them, the cast is a bundle of joy that are friends in real life. Sepinwall asked what would be of season 3 and Creator Dan Harmon described this season as Community’s darkest season. Harmon envisions the whole show as being 4 seasons, even though it is not official that we will see a season 4. Executive producer Garrett Donovan said it was 50/50, but is confident that we will see a season 4 because their fan base is so strong and NBC loves it as well.

Oscar winner Jim Rash’s Oscar was also present. Yvette Nicole Brown described Rash as humble and that his Oscar wouldn’t change who he was. The running gag was Rash showing off his statue, and it was funny every time. We also learned that Allison Brie is infatuated with Yvette’s boobs. Gillian Jacobs did the Britta hungry dance, which was an amazing moment for her career. I wish I had a famous pizza dance.

There were a few questions from the audience, including one from a young girl who was a big Danny Pudi fan. She was so excited she could barely breathe. She cried through saying that Danny was her favorite actor. He leaped off stage to give her a hug and she couldn’t have been happier. Her question was if there was a possibility of an Abed/Annie/Jeff. Pudi screamed, “I WANT JEFF!”, which was a fantastic ending to the night.

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