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About Us

There’s a long story and a short story about how The Daily Hey Now! came to be.Basically, we’re like Five Guys, except we’re five girls and we don’t make burgers. Instead, you get The Daily Hey Now, a pop media oriented blog with coverage of various pop culture happenings: meetups, conventions and rants about T.V., books and video games - basically anything and everything that makes you say “HEY NOW!”

The title The Daily Hey Now came from Kristina who would engage in posting pictures of half naked male celebrities on my facebook and vice versa. Our good friend Jeff the Heeb from Heeb (whose Pekar Project you should definitely support) came up with the idea of naming our blog after it instead of posting it on Facebook because he was getting tired of seeing shirtless men show up on his feed. 

Linked to by best selling authors and graphic novelists, CNN Marquee blog, and retweeted by Dan Rathers via Twitter, our following has given us access to interview awesome people such as the stars from USA hit, White Collar. Now doesn’t that make you say “Hey Now!”?